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bvb_09: DC - Valid

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# 1Sheriff AA Nov 19 2016, 15:14 PM
This is the same exact guy who DCed on me under the name "Goldeneye" the last time I dropped by for some games, hence why I'm reporting him again. This was another obvious intentional DC.

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# 2ViperMkVII Nov 23 2016, 21:44 PM
Hi, I am sorry for the delay in dealing with this, was quite busy these days post-13661-1143531603.gif

Disconnection occurred when bvb_09 (Revora username mclaren333) have already lost his MCV; He was under low-power mode; He had no forces to counter AA's T3 army. If the disconnection didn't happen, AA would have clearly won this game.

bvb_09 (aka GoldenEye) has 3 days to explain himself before we confirm this report as valid.

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# 3ViperMkVII Nov 29 2016, 22:20 PM
After more than three days of no response from bvb, this report is now valid.
Ladder points adjustments have been made.

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