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Dimon's Mentoring Thread

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# 121Dimon0000000 Sep 22 2017, 10:41 AM
QUOTE(fivestarbears @ Sep 22 2017, 19:42 PM) *

Hallo Dimon can you tell me how you chose your protocol and based on what vs Empire and vs Allies opening ! ... and i see you almost use migs vs allies and empire can you tell me why and the reason vs every faction ... and it always worthy to spend 4k money on such a fragile unit like migz??

Choice of protocols depends of situation... For example - your tanks fighting vs infantry - upgrade of tracks is perfect. If you need to kill something like powerplant, turret, barrack or refinery with 50% helth - orbital bombardment. If opponent have big infantry army or need block way to attack for his army - dirty bomb. Anyway for all protocols you always can find good way to use.
Migs give you more abilities to play. For example, opponent already cant fly free - migs have same speed as other air units, tengus will not run from you. Copters will not fly free. With migs advantage you can fight for air control, already can fly anythere without risk to die free vs apollos-tengus. Your frogs can go from base if you have migs. So yes, migs is very worth unit to spend money.

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