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Sochi and P@inKiLLer - Bug & Gamecrash - Confirmed

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# 1oops3344 Jan 22 2017, 12:44 PM
P@inKiLLer was last player and when he lose, he crash the game

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Attached File Last_Replay.RA3Replay
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Player Name Side Team
Grejhaund 1
MajooooD19 2
P@inKiLLer 2
fantomka228 1
4 3
Sochi 3

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# 2ViperMkVII Jan 29 2017, 20:49 PM
Hi oops3344, sorry for the delay in dealing with this. I will resolve this report now.

This is a 2v2v2 matches in which P@inKiller gradually lost his advantage, structures and units. At the end he also lost his MCV.
Then Sochi's dolphins started to damage structrues on the land, destroying P@inKiller's last production structures.
Then the game has been crashed.

Under this circumstances it makes me believe that the crash was intentionally caused by P@inKiller (multiplayer matches may also be crashed unintentionally due to server fault).

It should be noted that game crashing and dolphins attacking structures on the land are both banned exploits, and if someone used a banned exploit against you, you should report it instead of starting using them on your own.

Sochi and P@inKiller have three days to explain themselves before we confirm the report as valid.

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# 3ViperMkVII Feb 6 2017, 21:27 PM
After more than three days of no response, this report is now confirmed.

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