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Orks Trukk Timing Push Guide

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# 1Manawtf May 3 2017, 11:45 AM
Trukk Timing Push by Manawtf

Table of content :
  • Loadout
  • Build Order
  • Pros & Cons
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Match-ups

Elites : StormBoyz, Weirdboy, Meganobz.

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Doctrines : The 1st one is depending on your playstyle/feelings for the game, I'd suggest get something to help ya to handle the early game because its the hardest part of the build. for the 2 last get Traktor Pull and Healin' Scrap:

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If you handle early without using a doctrine for it, get the Killa Kans Rocket doctrine instead (Thats what I go for in general).

Build Order
  • 1x Gretchin + 2x Sluggas
  • 1x Waaagh Tower (WT)
  • 1x Dakka Hut
  • 2x Lootas
  • 1x WT
  • While your building the 2nd WT Get a Pil'o'gunz to get the Trukk reinforce upgrade
  • 1x Trukk
When u got that, start a Waaagh and get ready to push out a gens !
This Build allows you to do a strong siege, and in most case get the gens out (And his army too)
Get your range units splitted around your trukk, so you can cover them and reinforce them when its needed.
Use your sluggas to control enemy range units, and peel your ranged units.
Get a gretchin in the push, to detect invisible, repair if needed, and get hem in melee of ranged units.
Use the trukk as a cover for your units in danger of Aoe/cc, and to re position your lootas (I used it alot to get lootas on high ground so enemy melee units are annoyed) and hook them back when he reach them again.
Spam the Suicide bomb with your trukk. (Focus melee units so your lootas can kill everything and are free)

Pros & Cons

+ Great push potential, around a good timer (6mins), very hard to resist.
+ Many nuke combo (Trukks + WB (Nobz sometimes?)) and deal a great pression.
+ Conter many comps around this timer.
+ Alot of CC/Trick.

- Hard early games, you'll struggle until you get a 2nd Waagh tower and lootas. Avoid most of trades, u need your ressources.
- Bad early map control.
- Requires alot of micro and knowedge.

Tips & Tricks
  • Keep your ranged units near your trukk, to reinforce them, cover them, and re position them.
  • Use your Suicide bomb on your trukk as much as possible, 1 good suicide bomb is gamebreaker.
  • You can be greedy with the Weirdboy TP as long as you got your trukk ready to pull him back.
  • If your enemy survived the push (Without losing his army) and is going for a lot of infantry, get A nobz, throw them in to taunt the whole army, while your Weirdboy throw fist of gork and TP-in, you'll mostly wipe out his whole army.
  • Get ready to tech right after your 1st push (Killa Kans in most case are the best, so you can pressure your enemy and poke him hard.
  • Dont be afraid of using your gretchin in early trade (Specialy against eldar which is going for a 3 DA opener), but dont forget to get them in melee stance.
  • If your against a ASM build, keep calm, dont waste your time on chasing him, just wait for your trukk(Or Stormboyz depending on what u got at the moment) and do 1 good suicide bomb to totally wipe out his squad without having him flying away.
  • Consider going for a 3 sluggas opener against Orks, delay your 1st lootas, but u'll have greater chance of surviving.
  • Get scrap on Sluggas mainly, increased HP and stun, and you need CC and a good frontline.

You can win any race with this build, the biggest thread of this build are MAPS.

So in this part I'll show you where I'd suggest getting your base.

Red circle = Starting poing
Red Square = 1st Waagh Tower
Blue Square = Dakka Hut
Green Square = 2nd Waagh Tower

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I'm not an native english, so I hope you guys'll understand what I wanted to say.

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Feel free to pass by, ask question if needed.

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# 2Bhruic May 3 2017, 15:54 PM
Wouldn't Gorgutz with Keep Trukk'n be better than the Meganobz with Betta Shout?

That shield of 400 hp as boyz shout for 5 seconds really isn't all that useful. If you're in a position where you need the shield a good opponent will probably interrupt the shout anyway.

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# 3God_Aries May 3 2017, 17:17 PM
MegaNobz are a way better elite. Especially for the build he is talking about which the focus is on ranged units. Betta Shout gives a extra shield above the one they would normally get and it starts the moment they start the ability.

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# 4-Netput May 6 2017, 14:50 PM
Thank you for writing this guide. Posted it on our portal as well: https://www.gamereplays.org/dawnofwar3/port...ming-push-guide

For this guide I granted you the Article Publisher Award thumb.gif

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