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# 1Almondum May 27 2017, 13:08 PM
Hello folks,

I believe this is the wrong forum to post specific questions, so I deleted that and wrote it in the correct forums (I hope). To replace that I will try to write a brief introduction.

My nickname is Almondum and I enjoy to play RTS casually, I have been playing LotR:RotWK for several years now, but didn't know about the existance of 2.02 patch, it is wonderful.

I also like to play MMOs. Played WoW for many years, LOTRO, Aion, RoM, Warhammer Online and Neverwinter Online.
Right now I stick to offline games, RTS mostly as my university internet network is blocking all MMO's/Steam/Battle.net, etc. Maybe it's not that bad, I end up studying more.

Have fun everyone!

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# 2djw2104 May 28 2017, 09:28 AM
Hi and welcome to GameReplays.org.

I note that you have also posted in the RotWK forum and already have received a reply and I hope that it has answered your question.

Good luck. thumb.gif

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# 3Almondum May 28 2017, 21:03 PM
Yes I did, thank you djw!

A received a very helpful answer biggrin.gif

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# 4Elfwine Sep 26 2017, 21:26 PM
nice smile.gif

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