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# 1Jelly May 27 2017, 13:26 PM

DoWIII Mapmaker’s Codex

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Mapmakers are providing a crucial service to the health of DoWIII. If you are one of them, thank you! This is a compilation of available resources to help you avoid pitfalls and bridge the space between that blank .scenario and your vision.

If you find a good resource that isn't listed here let me know.

WorldBuilder Basics:
WorldBuilder.exe is in your Dawn of War III installation folder. By default this is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dawn of War III
You can get there by right clicking DOW3 in steam>properties>local files>browse local files

Draimond’s Introduction - Covers the important points of starting a map in 7 short minutes.
Draimond’s Basics and Troubleshooting
How to Create a New Scenario - The basics again, in step-by-step text format.

WorldBuilder Advanced:
Draimond's Camera Settings and Workshop
Draimond's Camera, Impasse, Grass & Water
Introduction to Map Detailing - CoH2 guide on detailing.
The Spline Tool in Detail - CoH2 guide on the spline tool.
Eminusx - Using Action Markers - action markers, used to include special effects like fire

Gorbles' Unofficial Mod Helper - A combination SGA Extractor, RGD Converter, XML / RGD Editor, WEM Converter. (Open the link if you're not sure what any of that is.)

Map Design:
Wayward Strategist: Multiplayer Map Design - Verbose, but has good points. This article touches on what should be your main motivations and considerations in designing your map.
StarCraft II Level Design: Introduction and Melee Maps - Written about Starcraft II, but everything from the symmetry section down is still relevant
Day[9] How to Analyze a Map and Adjust Your Play - Demonstration of a deeper map analysis from a Starcraft veteran and RTS personality. Remember that this is an SC2 map and your considerations are somewhat different.
Map Control in DoWIII - A brief explanation of how resource distribution contributes to snowballing in DoW3.

Dawn of War II Maps
Starcraft II Tournament Maps
Starcraft: Brood War Tournament Maps

See Also:
http://modding.companyofheroes.com/ - Essence Engine wiki for Company of Heroes. Much of this information is still relevant.
http://modding.dawnofwar.com/ - Essence Engine wiki for Dawn of War III. Content is sparse right now as contributors were denied access until recently.
LondonDuncan’s DOWII Mapmaking Guide - Just like the COH2 guides, some of this may still apply.
Steam Workshop Discussions
Official Forum - Community Creations - Not very active, and cluttered with posts irrelevant to mapmaking.

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# 2Slimspadey101 Jun 21 2017, 14:44 PM
Anyone out there able to create a map that works with all game modes? I'm having trouble converting my power core map to work for Annihilation and with defenses in addition to Power Core. I followed the modding wiki guide and the added the win conditions line to the .options file, but I'm getting some strange behavior when saving the map.

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# 3KanKrusha Jun 23 2017, 22:22 PM
Saving while you are making? Have you done recalculate voroni each time you have moved or added a resource point?

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