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Red Alert 3

HoangNgocToan (smurf of TamTam): desync & map glithing - Confirmed

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# 1Sheriff AA Jun 1 2017, 02:12 AM
When this guy wins, he posts the replay to brag. When he loses, he desyncs the game on purpose. This is the second time he's done it to me (didn't save the replay the first time).

It's a shame - the game itself here wasn't too bad actually.

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Attached File TamTam_desync.RA3Replay
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Player Name Side Team
HoangNgocToan 1
Watt* 0

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# 2ViperMkVII Jun 3 2017, 20:56 PM
TamTam (HoangNgocToan) tried to perform a base push, but instead he lost his Construction Yard without causing significant damage to Watt (AwesomeA). Then Watt managed to destroy TamTam's crane, preventing him from expanding and limited TamTam's economy to 2 refineries.
TamTam tried to attack with Hammer Tanks and Terror Drones, but after a series of battles, Watt's Tsunami Tanks gained numerical advantage, and with the aid of Point Defense Drones and Emperor's Rage, Watt's armor forces defeated TamTam's last Hammer Tank, penetrated into TamTam's main base, and destroyed his War Factory. At this point, desync happened.

Desync report valid, thank you for reporting.
Will adjust ladder points now.

Now it's possible to edit ladder ELO points on Shatabrick, so if there are any Disconnection / Desync / Gamecrash, please report them so we can adjust ladder points once we confirm that the game ended when one side is clearly losing.

ELO points have been adjusted: Watt + 35, HoangNgocToan - 50.

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# 3ViperMkVII Jun 3 2017, 20:56 PM
Same as this report, TamTam (Revora account HoangNgocToan, duplicate account of thanhhuyencute7) is using a third-party program or other ways to "Hack" Red Alert 3. He allows himself to zoom out further than the max camera height allowed in this map, unfairly gaining a greater view of the battle ground which can be seen from his perspective.

TamTam has 3 days to explain himself before this report is confirmed. If this report is confirmed as valid, a sanction may be imposed. The explanation and any mitigation may be given on the C&C:Online Fair Play Forum on Revora Forums.

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# 4ViperMkVII Jun 4 2017, 10:59 AM
TamTam has apologized for his actions in PM. As first offences, TamTam will be warned for his behavior, no further action will be taken at this stage. However, any new fair play violations from TamTam may result in a suspension.

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# 5ToxicShock Jun 4 2017, 11:13 AM
As I mentioned on the Revora forums, it is strictly against the Revora forum rules to create a duplicate account and I will disable the duplicate. I have, on this occasion, offered TamTam the opportunity to have the nick names transferred from that account to his main account before I do that. If any further duplicate accounts are created, there will be no such opportunity and a penalty will be imposed.

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