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TamTam Desync & Camera Hack - Confirmed

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# 1Jasper407 Jun 10 2017, 06:45 AM
TamTam has desynced so many games and even bragged about it in chat on occasion. I'm not sure if this replay captures the desync but I think there are enough players that have experienced this who can agree he needs to be removed.

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# 2ViperMkVII Jun 10 2017, 19:07 PM
Next time, please provide screenshot of Desync / Disconnect. Although actually both DS/DC have the same effect because both of them prevent statistics from being uploaded to the server.

Desync / Disconnect occurred when TamTam's Hammer Tank and Bullfrogs couldn't stop Jasperrr407's Mirage Tanks, Guardian Tanks, Cryocopters infantry's joint attack, and TamTam has already lost his War Factory.

Report valid, ladder points adjustments have been made.
Jasperrr407 + 35 points, TamTam - 50 points.

TamTam has also used the camera hack (see also these reports: #1 #2) during this game.

TamTam has three days to explain himself before this report is confirmed. If this report is confirmed as valid, a sanction may be imposed. The explanation and any mitigation may be given either here or on the C&C:Online Fair Play Forum.

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# 3TamTam Jun 12 2017, 00:53 AM
1.No, I'm innocent, I play hardly and jasper desync.I know iam loose and i try to play normally,even though he blame me then he desync because he try to get me banned
i dont desync anymore before the match with AwesomeA sad.gif
2.I use camera tool because my poor screen i cannot change lower or higher because lower it's just full square and i cannot play with the MCV big > 1/2 screen

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# 4ViperMkVII Jun 14 2017, 09:36 AM
QUOTE(TamTam @ Jun 12 2017, 02:53 AM) *

I use camera tool because my poor screen i cannot change lower or higher because lower it's just full square and i cannot play with the MCV big > 1/2 screen

That's not a valid explanation. You shouldn't use camera hack in an online game under any circumstances, even if your MCV > 1/2 screen. And I've told you in PM how to run RA3 with different resolutions, and I've told you to post in Red Alert 3 Technical Support Forum if you have further questions, but you didn't follow it and continued to use camera hack.

As penalty, you will be suspended on C&C:Online for 2 days.

I need to point out that I'm being very kind with you, and this is a very soft penalty, because I'm expecting you will behave better in the future and become a good member.

But if you continue to use camera hack, or if you try to use / create another C&C:Online account in these 2 days to circumvent the ban, you will receive a much severe penalty. Also, if there are any similar convictions in the future, you may be suspended on GameReplays as well.

And, again: to make your view field larger, please run Red Alert 3 with the following parameters:
-win -xres 1280 -yres 720
If you don't know how to add those parameters, or if you still have problems with resolution,
please post in Red Alert 3 Technical Support Forum.

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# 5ToxicShock Jun 16 2017, 10:38 AM
It has come to our attention that TamTam has circumvented his suspension by creating (another) duplicate account; TRevenge.

That account and another duplicate account belonging to his member have been banned and the suspension on the TamTam account extended by five days from today.

TamTam suspended from C&C:Online until 4pm GMT on 21 June 2017

Any attempt further to circumvent the suspension that has been imposed will result in severe penalties, which may extend to a permanent ban.

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