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Sturm Armory Units

By Sepha - 15th September 2007 - 03:08 AM

Stug IV

IPB Image

Good vs: Armor
Cost: 340 Manpower, 50 Fuel, 4 Pop.
Build time: 50 seconds
Health: 400
Speed: 5
Veterancy: bought (Tank)
Level 1: 15% reduced damage received
Level 2: MG42 Gunner
Level 3: 25% penetration reduction (represented by side skirts)

The StuG is the first vehicle Wehrmacht commanders have that is completely immune from small arms fire and highly resilient to minor explosive weapons such as the mortar and M8 Greyhound's primary weapon. Although commonly called a tank, the StuG is actually an assault gun. It lacks a rotating turret, which forces the StuG to rotate in order to attack units that are not in it's immediate cone of fire. Many Allied commanders have learned to exploit this weakness by circling StuGs with M10s or Shermans. The StuG rotates slowly and cannot catch the vehicle circling it. To circumvent this problem, position the StuG on a road, which provides a turning bonus. Barring roads, back the StuG up. This ruins the circle motion and lets the StuG fire a shot or two at the vehicle circling it.

While a mainstay in earlier versions of the game, the current meta-game is heavily biased against the StuG. AT guns deal great damage to them. M10s can slug it out with StuGs. M26 Pershings can take 4 or 5 StuGs simultaneously. Despite these disadvantages, the StuG still has a few uses. They deal great damage to Motorpool units, but be weary of chasing Motorpool units because there is always the possibility that a 57mm AT gun will be lurking in the fog of war. Instead, have a shrek'ed infantry nearby to "spike" the unit in question. The idea is to deal a huge amount of damage to the vehicle before it can reverse and retreat. There's no need to chase dead units. StuGs can also deal with fast Tank Depot strategies that are popular with Airborne players. Getting veterancy 1 is essential, it bolsters the StuG's survivability. With shrek support from Storms or Grenadiers, the StuG can provide effective support to Shermans, Crocs and M10s. This is because the AI will target the StuG automatically. If the Sherman wishes to attack the grenadiers or Stormtroopers, he will have to reduce his mobility by manual targeting the squad. This lets the StuG fire at a stationary target and almost guarantee a hit. Against a Crocodile Flame Tank rush, there is no better unit to deal with it than a StuG. It's completely immune from the Crocodile fire, deals decent damage and can chase it and even suicide-kill it because of the resource trade-off, 110 fuel vs 50 fuel.