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Special Feature

Day[9]'s Day Off - Company of Heroes!

Friday, 9 Jan 2015
Day[9]'s Day Off live program series on Twitch covered our favorite classic game. Day[9] never played Company of Heroes before but stated his firm purpose was "to win a multiplayer game asap". He deployed his competitive awareness to approach a new game with such original mechanics as Company of...

WmD Invitational IV Winner Interview

Sunday, 23 Sep 2012
WmD Invitational IV Winner Interview Featuring Symbiosis Conducted by RiSiN Edited by GreenDevil! and Basilone GameReplays: Congrats on another tournament win! Where are you from?Symbiosis: Netherlands. GameReplays: Amsterdam?Symbiosis: I study there, does that count? Hopefully soon I'll be...
Special Feature

The Evolution of Argentan Crossroads

Friday, 21 Sep 2012
Myself along with several other staffers have spent many hours over the past few weeks preparing an in-depth analysis of your peer elected favorite custom map, Argentan Crossroads! This special feature highlights various changes made to the map throughout it's developmental stages, and includes...

Gamereplays.org Exclusive THQ Interview

Friday, 6 Jul 2012
Gamereplays is proud to present an exclusive interview with THQ's Brand Manager for Company of Heroes 2!GameReplays: You recently showed a Company of Heroes 2 demo version during a press conference and the E3. Since we did not have the chance to be there and see for ourselves how the game looks,...
Special Feature

Commentator Spotlight: Tommy952

Saturday, 28 Apr 2012
Meet Tommy952, our current Senior Commentator! Tommy has made a few SNF guest appearances, regularly uploads to the Shoutcasts and VODs forum and his YouTube channel, is currently in the #3 leaderboard position with Wehrmacht, and just released his guide for 2.602 Piospam.GameReplays: What got...
Special Feature

Siberian Platoon Special Feature: Anatomy of a Champion

Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012
SemInt and AmiPolizeiFunk bring you 17-pages of tasty Siberian Platoon goodness, including an interview, fightcard, replay index, photos, and in-depth strategic analysis of many games from both Sunday Night Fights Season 3, and Tournament XXIII. Click me Discuss this Feature in our General...

History of CoH Units: Part 1

Thursday, 10 Nov 2011
Written by IronWingsHave you ever wondered how the units in Company of Heroes actually were back in World War II? If the answer is yes, this may interest you!I have gathered historical facts and anecdotes about most units there are in the game, and would like to share them with you in a series of...
Special Feature

Clan Spotlight: Reborn

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2011
The second installment of our Clan Spotlight features Reborn clan. GameReplays.org: When was Reborn founded, and by whom? Reborn: Reborn was founded on March 31st, 2007, by AmiPolizeiFunk, Nuvion, and GermanSupreme. GameReplays.org: How many members are currently in Reborn, and what are the...

Community Recap of the Week #4

Friday, 15 Jul 2011
You know what guys, this has been really hard. I mean, seriously, I go to this forum every day, it's a pain in the rear, and I've been thinking about giving up. It's just too much. I'm getting fired from my job, and now, I find myself going to the drink. I spend all my money at the bars, and I'm...
Special Feature

Clan Spotlight: Reign of Madness

Monday, 11 Jul 2011
In the first of a series on GameReplays, the Company of Heroes section will be spotlighting the various CoH clans in the community with a detailed Q&A session. Every week we will spotlight a clan to provide a background and unique perspective on each clan and its members.The first installment is...