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CoH 2v2 Tourney XV Winners: Team RUKA Interview

Tuesday, 18 May 2010
One week after their 2-1 Finals victory to win CoH 2v2 Tourney XV, GameReplays.org caught up with the two Russian wonders of CoH, Guderian and DrHorse, of team RUKA. We chat about Russian women, expensive vodka, and cold winters. It's all snow, sputnik, and pierogies, from here on...

Tournament XIV: Before and After the Final

Monday, 1 Mar 2010
On the 22nd February, GameReplays.org's Company of Heroes Tournament XIV concluded. The Final was played out between 12azor and tournament underdog Seb087 (MonsieurX). Fan favourite 12azor came into the Final having battled his way beyond Slay33 in Round 3, 4ES creator Marinez in Round 4, the...

Emergency Map Advice - Tournament Style

Thursday, 18 Feb 2010
Angoville is as old as the hills, although not quite as old as Semois, and Langres is the relative newcomer, but has fast become a tournament stalwart. Many patches of play and tournaments fought out over these maps have made them unforgiving, as players have become more familiar with them. You...

vCoh Tournament XIII Winners - Sent From Heaven

Saturday, 21 Nov 2009
Unless you've been hiding in a hole, you're certainly already aware of the recent GameReplays.org vCoh Tournament XIII. We interviewed the winners, team Sent From Heaven. Starting from the #3 seed position in the bottom bracket, they blazed through the tournament without a single loss. Even in...

Assessing CoH Skills

Monday, 28 Sep 2009
There is great debate as to whether or not Relic's current Online ranking system truly reflects a person's Company of Heroes skill level. Do online ranks and win/loss percentages provide an accurate reflection of a player's skill level? In this editorial article, I take a different approach in...

CoH Tourney XII Winner - Sepha

Wednesday, 23 Sep 2009
We caught up with the two-time CoH 1v1 Tournament Champion, two days after his Monday night 3-1 Finals victory over DrHorse. We talked about poultry, Klaus, and Aliens. Here's an interview with the myth, the legend, the inimitable... Sepha. GameReplays: Besides CoH, what have you been up to...

1vs1 Tourney Players Checklist

Thursday, 10 Sep 2009
With the 1vs1 tourney starting on Saturday, we want to remind every player of their responsibilities. You need to know where to be, how to communicate, and how to upload your replays to the Replays section and bbcode-link to them in your thread in the Tournament Forums.Please be especially aware...

CoH Tournament XII: 1v1 Seeds and Brackets Announced

Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009
As promised, in this post you will find the names of the top 20 seeds for this weekend's 1v1 CoH Tourney XII, followed by the tournament brackets in various forms. We're also proud to announce a great new GR.org tournament feature. But first, we have some dirty business to discuss...Punishment...
Special Feature

Calneon's Replay Pack Analysis

Thursday, 27 Aug 2009
What we have for you today is a quick analysis of our good friend and strategy specialist, Calneon's, new replay pack. He uses a variation of the venerable support vet strategy, but intermixes it with almost every other unit in the Wehrmacht arsenal. He also uses it successfully with every...

Company of Heroes Torunament XII: 1v1 Sign-ups Go Live!

Saturday, 22 Aug 2009
As of now, sign-ups for the GameReplays.org Company of Heroes Tournament XII: 1v1 are open!As usual with our tourneys, every player must sign up in two places. The first is the Sign-up Thread in the CoH Tourneys and Challenges Forum, which is the master sign-up list that will take priority over...