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Kojai's Whistle-Stop Guide on How to Keep the Fun!

Friday, 14 Aug 2009
There has been a lot said recently about the state of the game that, as a reader of this article you probably have invested a lot of time into. Company of Heroes has been called everything from "somewhat flawed" to "completely f****d" in the past few months, with any number of factors being a...

Company of Heroes Business School

Thursday, 6 Aug 2009
Have you ever heard this? "It's just a video game." "You'll rot your brain." "Why can't you spend as much time studying as you do playing that stupid computer game?" Foreword by Knightstalker, MBA, Director of Company of HeroesMost of our players are learning valuable lessons about economics and...

Interview with Team Fruit

Tuesday, 4 Aug 2009
It would be hardly suitable to say that the recent GameReplays.org 2v2 Tournament was exciting or that the winner was unexpected. At the end, with the strange events that expired and with such an unknown team holding the golden title, many players had questions. The champions of the tournament,...

2v2 Tournament Shoutcasts

Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009
The GameReplays.org 2v2 Tournament provided a great opportunity for the revamped shoutcast staff to show what they can do. Thanks to their professionalism and some dedicated audio and video work, 10 casts were cranked out over the 3 days, highlighting the most important and exciting games with...
Special Feature

CharlesDarwin's Replay Pack Analysis

Thursday, 16 Jul 2009
The following is a short analysis of 16 games played by our current level 20 American faction leader, CharlesDarwin. We will look at his initial build order, what buildings he tended to favor, as well as upgrade priority, company selection and what command abilities he chose first. The initial...

Improving Your Company Of Heroes Gameplay

Monday, 13 Jul 2009
In my time on GameReplays.org Iíve seen a lot of people on the forums asking what they need to do in order to quickly improve at Company of Heroes. I myself had this exact question when I began playing online. No one likes to lose so naturally, people want to know how to be efficient with...

Meet the Company of Heroes Staff

Monday, 6 Jul 2009
Have You ever wanted to gain an inside look into the life of a staff member? Well now you can! We've comprised a short biography of all the staff members, that will let you see more about them and what they are about. Ambitions, goals, hobbies, you name it! So scroll down and become...

The Art of Deception

Saturday, 6 Jun 2009
Throughout history, the art of deception has played a major role in military, social, political, and economical affairs. Coupled with a well planned strategy, deception can allow small forces to defeat their numerically superior enemies. For example, the famous Operation Fortitude, a completely...

Company of Heroes: Flow of the Game American Perspective

Tuesday, 2 Jun 2009
Company of Heroes, like most forms of competition, has a flow to it. In basketball, one team is on offense, while the other defends. The game goes back and forth with the roles reversing after each possession. Baseball is the same; the teams switch from offense to defense each inning. In...

Tales of Valor Vehicles Video

Tuesday, 7 Apr 2009
Our member TheMystic has released yet another video showcasing new units and abilities that will be added in the upcoming expansion. In the video all but one of the new units in Tales of Valor are shown, these are the vehicles shown in the video:GeschutzwagenTiger “205”Schwimmwagen...