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Company of Heroes

2v2 Double US Guide to Barracks and WSC

In this guide I will introduce you to the basic concepts of playing barracks and weapons support center as a double American team in 2v2. First, we will take a good look at the standard building orders and early-game choices, depending on match-up. Next, we'll focus on the mid-game and doctrine. Keep in mind that his guide is written around the combined Infantry and Armor play Lollypop and I (and a lot of other good teams) have used, but I will also give a brief explanation of other Doctrine choices. Then, we go into late-game decisions.

Lastly, we take a closer look at the big three 2v2 maps: Duclair, Wolfheze and Rails and Metal. Specifically, this consists of capping orders, strategical movement, and other map dependent decisions. Replays with analysis are included, so you'll have a real example instead of static text and pictures. I only use my own replays for this is because I can explain my thoughts behind certain moves better than if I were second-guessing someone else's intentions.

by Symbiosis

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