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More Tales of Valor Details

By lastwagen74 - 5th March 2009 - 22:15 PM

We are all aware that the wait for Tales of Valor is coming to an end, but new detailed previews are just now rolling in. With about a month left to go before the release of the final product, IGN had the opportunity to preview the standalone expansion to Company of Heroes.

In the preview, we once again found out that there are definite additions to the multiplayer game (which have been announced) such as new modes and maps, but unfortunately no specific details are available yet. The good news is that more light is shed on the already announced Tiger Ace campaign as well as the Causeway campaign that includes Able and Baker squads.

Many gamers out there are still unsure about the direct fire mechanism. Luckily, IGN provided a video that GameReplays analyzed for your convenience. It should answer any questions a reader might still have. But first, more about the campaign features.

According to IGN,
Direct fire mode is activated by hitting the D key, or just clicking the appropriate box on the unit information panel (for any vehicle, or squad capable of taking advantage of it). Once in the mode, your cursor icon will change from the standard arrow (with colored shield cover indicator) to a new design. You can then click to have the unit fire on any location within range. A number of dash marks arranged in a circular fashion around the new cursor graphic will then recharge after a barrage, indicating the time you're required to wait before another tank shot. Although this system seems less clear with SMG fire and units can sometimes still shoot while it's recharging.

The new direct fire mechanism works for both infantry and tanks. When a player moves the cursor, they will be able to see the squad turn to the given direction. With tanks, it works the same, except when the cursor is moved, the tank's turret is turned in the ordered direction.

Tiger Ace will include missions that require the player to control a squad and a tank, that way they get to control both infantry and heavy armor (just as it was planned out in the beginning).

In the Causeway campaign, a player takes control of Able and Baker squads who have to complete objectives. Additionally, secondary missions are here to stay. The third campaign is the Falaise Pocket. What is clear, is that each campaign focuses on different design aspects. While Tiger Ace concentrates on the controls of direct fire mechanism of a tank, Causeway campaign does almost exactly the same with infantry squads with a few exceptions and additions here and there.

A few of those changes are upgrades. For the second campaign, Able squad will be capable of firing more shots before being forced to reload, special phosphorus grenades that deal damage to the ground when detonated and damage plus accuracy increases with additional abilities thrown in. Meanwhile Baker squad can be equipped with demolition charges and recoilless rifles with damage increase and reloading time decreases, as well as smoke and stun grenades plus a new ability that supposedly lets them detect the enemy nearby.

That's pretty much it for the preview, but GameReplays is happy to serve you and share the details we found in the newly posted preview video of a Tank Assault which you can watch after you click the link at the bottom.

First seconds of the video are probably parts of a cut scene that gives background information on Tiger Ace and provides answers to questions such as; where did the Tiger Ace come from, which can be answered: they came from the Eastern Front from Leningrad.

Then we finally get to see the gameplay video, which unsurprisingly shows Tiger tanks as a beast that rolls over trees and fences and destroys trucks with one shot. Our educated guess is that the first mission is about destroying supply trucks that are probably from Red Ball Express. In this video, a possible mission may be to block the supply line, destroy the supply trucks and eliminate any enemy forces.

While the Tiger is moving, we can see how the direct fire works. The player moves the cursor and the tank's turret follows it. As we mentioned above the Tiger is a beast, however it does seem to break at the most unfortunate times, apparently the gear box is having problems causing the Tiger to be immobilized. This lets the enemy prepare and attack you from multiple sides.

We also get to see the upgrades for all four crew of the tank; Loader - Private Litzke, Radio Operator - Private Berndt, Driver - Private First Class Schmidt and Gunner - Staff Sergeant Shultz.
For the loader we see the first available upgrade is High Explosive Rounds, for driver it is Flank Speed (which enables him to put the Tiger into a high gear for a limited time), for the shooter it is Marksman (which allows him to be more accurate). Sadly, we don't know what the upgrades for the radio operator are.

We then get visibility of the secondary objectives, which in this scenario are to destroy AT guns. High explosive rounds are also shown in action and they really show their worth when each shot blows up a wall. Also if you wonder how a Tiger deals with hulled down British tanks, look no further. We only have tow words for an answer; Two shots.

Lastly we are able to see that loader is available for Rapid Shots and later the tank plays around with the weaker Allied tanks.

That's all for now, but as soon as more details become available, we will be sure to bring them to you as soon as possible. Click here to watch the video.