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Tales of Valor Updates and Features

By JacktheGrim88 - 7th March 2009 - 19:46 PM

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor has many new features that have been revealed prior to the shipping of the game. Here is a consolidated list of all the new aspects that the expansion will contain. These additions add more to both the single-player and multi-player aspects of the game.

There will be three new campaigns added to the game’s roster, all providing interesting story lines, covering both the axis and allied powers as they struggle in the conflict of World War 2. The three campaigns themselves are; The Tiger Ace, The Causeway, and the recently revealed Falaise Pocket. They will be played with new and creative abilities, developed for the single-player experience, such as the Direct Fire or redesigned Doctrine Trees.

The Falaise Pocket campaign lets players experience the events that occurred during the final push into Normandy by the allies that started the capitulation of the axis in the west. Playing as the axis, you and your men must try their best to fight off the allied invasion and hold your ground at all costs. The campaign itself opens with you commanding axis engineers who must build defenses against the oncoming raids and assaults carried out by the Allied Airborne Divisions.

New units are available as well. The Axis receives the Schwimmwagen - an amphibious off-road vehicle and the Panzer 38t - a light tank. The allies will get new variations to Airborne units as well as an M18 Hellcat and the Staghound - an armored car.

Multi-player will have three new game modes called operations, only one of which, Stonewall, has been revealed. In it you must fight off wave after wave of enemies and hold the town. New maps are to be available as well, such as Villers-Bocage, the location where Tiger Ace Michael Wittman charged his tank to single-handedly engage allied forces.

Also released were some beautiful new screenshots, some possibly from the new multi-player maps to become available.

IPB Image
Croc on the attack

IPB Image
River Crossing

IPB Image
Calliope under fire

IPB Image
Calliope shoots back

IPB Image
Bridge Crossing

With the release for Company of Heroes Tales of Valor looming, more features will be released and we’ll keep you informed.
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