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Operation: Panzerkrieg

By lastwagen74 - 21st March 2009 - 19:24 PM

With about a month to go until Tales of Valor is released, new multiplayer details have appeared on the Company of Heroes Community website. This time, it talks about a new game mode, or an "Operation." It is the second one out of the planned three, with the first one being Operation: Stonewall.

For those who are not familiar with Stonewall, you may visit here to read for more details. Unlike the other mode, Panzerkrieg, which means "tank war," concentrates on your ability to control tanks. As stated, it's "quick to pick up and play, but difficult to master". This mode, along with Stonewall and another unannounced mode, will be released with Tales of Valor. Panzerkrieg will be able to support up to six players.

As mentioned above, Panzerkrieg takes into account your overall management of tank units, which offers a new field for players to compete in. Six armored tanks with their own original features will battle it out versus other tanks for survival within industrial locations. Both sides will face each other with their beasts, each with their own unique mechanical qualities, in order to show who is the boss.

Every tank will include its own creative and interesting commander tree, which will allow players to unlock upgrades and other useful abilities, such as increasing shooting range, etc. The M18 Hellcat, which was analyzed in our Screenshot Analysis here , is featured. It will have an ability to lay mines, as well as be invisible until it fires the first shot. It can be compared to the current Hetzer tank available as a call-in for the Panzer Elite faction.

The way the game is played is the same. Once the Victory Points are very low, one side will have to face imminent defeat. A player will be able to decrease opponent's points by destroying their tanks and holding the Victory points. This time, victory points will offer an interesting feature; successfully holding the point grants you unique abilities. For example, one ability is Recon Flight, which will reveal enemy territory, thus allowing you to better plan you assaults or plan ahead for your defense. There are also abilities like infantry call-ins, etc.

In addition to the new features, multiple screenshots have also been released, which GameReplays will quickly go over with.

IPB Image

In this first screenshot, you can see a Panther battling a Pershing in an industrial environment, as mentioned above. In the back is what seems to be a tank factory where perhaps the allied player starts.

IPB Image

This next shot includes three M18 Hellcats with one knocked out. In the back, you can see Sturmtruppen squads, as well as a never seen before icon on the Victory Point what looks like two Thompson SMG's.

IPB Image

In this screenshot, you can clearly see that a Churchill is fighting a Panther. Notice the number by each tank. We are not sure what it indicates, but it looks important. Another thing to look at is what looks like a negative shield indicator for tanks, which does not exist in the current game. Also, if you look closely at the Churchill, there appears to be a warning flare just about to land. Perhaps this indicates that the Wehrmacht player has access to an artillery ability.

IPB Image

This screenshot shows an M18 Hellcat battling a Panzer 4 by a victory point that is marked by bomb icon. This could indicate that holding this point allows access to artillery abilities or a bombing run.

IPB Image

Lastly, we have another screenshot that shows the allied commander trees for the three tanks. Below you can see the descriptions zoomed in.

IPB Image

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more information on the last mode that should be announced soon.