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Eastern Front Patch 1.20 Looks Promising

By The Red Comet - 31st July 2010 - 20:39 PM

Many of the Company of Heroes community have heard of or played Eastern Front. Released last January, this mega-mod mixes up the traditional Company of Heroes meta-game by adding the Ostheer and Soviet Factions. The mod was certainly impressive with the addition of these interestingly designed and perhaps most importantly, new factions. However not all was happy; many players were to lament the general lack of balance with significant problems such as the Soviets being unable to retreat and the cheapness of some new super-units.

IPB Image

Since then the Eastern Front development team has taken considerable steps to balance their own game, culminating recently in the form of Patch 1.20. The changes are many, all of which can be found in the complete patch notes here. Most prominent however is the redesign of the Russian Faction, with all but NKVD Conscripts gaining the ability to retreat and the addition of an American-like veterancy system for all Russian units.

The Eastern Front development team hasn't just stopped there though. They have also made an exciting number of change to original vCoH units. A few of the most exciting changes:
  • Kangaroo nerfed
  • Stafing Run given a warning
  • Piospam nerfed
  • Defensive Bunker and Medic nerfs
  • M18s are now detectable
  • Snipers' moving accuracy modifier vs Snipers increased to 1.0 from 0.5
With no indication of a patch from Relic and such balance changes, Eastern Front 1.20 may easily become the most balanced rendition of classic Company of Heroes available. Of course only time will see if its hopeful balance promises lives through the scrutiny of the Eastern Front community. For those who are interested in downloading the Patch or Eastern Front itself, details and instructions can be found on the Eastern Front Official Website.