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More news about Company of Heroes 2!

By TitiTwister - 16th May 2012 - 20:37 PM

Heads up comrades!

IPB Image

The official announcement of CoH2 and the launch of the new website have surely revived our strong community, but some of you may have been unhappy with the amount of new features unvealed on that crucial day. Hopefully today everyone will feel equally satisfied: the latest issue of PC ACTION is full of crispy news and images of Company of Heroes 2!

Thanks to Shadewell we are able to bring you some here:

- 110 people are working on COH2

- The right use of the dynamic game environment is once again important, not just the amount of troops.

- The Campaign takes place from 22 June 1941 until 1945 in Berlin.

- Producer Greg Wilson says that Essence 3.0 is on equal footing with Call of Duty or Battlefield.

- HDR Light, SSAO, new water renderer.

- Better performance for all PC Systems than in Company of Heroes and add-ons.

- True sight examples: you can use smoke grenades to sneak through areas without uncovering your best troops, or blow a gap in a wall to see what is behind it.

- The weather is realistic. Snow gathers on static objects and gets blown away by explosions.

- Snow is not a texture but has depth: infantrymen move very slowly in deep snow (with nice animations). Movement on streets is faster, but the enemy knows that as well!

- Flamethrowers can destroy a house completely. It will slowly burn down until it can't be used anymore.

- Soldiers can now jump over their cover.

- The AI in the campaign is not scripted anymore, they use the same AI as in skirmish mode, which makes it much more dynamic and interesting.

- Retreat means death in the campaign (it is unknown whether this is scripted or not).

- The recoil that occurs when a T-34 shoots affects even the environment: the ground shakes, coffee is spilled over posh enemy uniforms!

- There is significant focus on coop, because a high amount of players preferred to play with other players against the AI.

- German troops stand out with their advanced technology compared with the Russians. Upgrades and tactical use of special abilities are more important for the Wehrmacht than for the Soviets.

- The Russians rely on mass and use brute force. They have many powerful tanks.

- The developers don't want to tell us yet if tanks can break through ice but they did share: "Dont underestimate General Snow and General Mud!"

- You are able to steal (decrewed) enemy vehicles.

- The game will have base buildings. Source: Company of Heroes 2 official forums

Moreover according to what is said on one of the pictures, "soldier's equipment varies with seasons." For instance "the infantry doesn't wear gloves in summer".

That being said, there are tons of new images for you to discover yourself. Follow the link and get yourself a better idea of what the game will actually look like!