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Silver Anniversary Tournament XXV Announcement

By AmiPolizeiFunk - 26th May 2012 - 14:20 PM

25th Anniversary - A celebration of love as bright and enduring as silver.
"25th Anniversary - Another chance to blow each other to little tiny bits."

IPB Image
artwork by NaibreSoldier

That's right Company of Heroes fans, we are on the brink of our Twenty-fifth Official GameReplays.org Tournament. What a ride it has been! Since the first one, in November of 2006, we have seen almost 6 years of spectacular battles, led by brave and heroic commanders. The full story can be told to your grandchildren here, in the History of GR.org Tournament Winners. Now that CoH2 has been announced, we expect a revitalized turn-out, and fierce competition. We're on the home stretch now men, Berlin and the end of the war is in our sights.

Who will step forward to lead the final charge? Will it be SiberianPlatoon, the winner of Sandland's last WMD Tournament and 2-time SNF S3 Champ? Or will it be Alijaz, the current reigning SNF King-of-the-Hill? Or perhaps DevM, who has already been seen in the Forums drooling over a COH2 Expert Badge? Or will we see the return of some of the old greats, like Dr.Horse? Let's not forget about Aimstrong, Seb, and KoreanArmy. Or perhaps a cinderella story? Could Marinez finally get over the hump and win his first official tournament? Or will the world be entirely shocked, by a winner that I have not named? All eyes will be on Tourney XXV as we begin the Victory Lap for our beloved game, and get ready to send this community into the brave unknown of it's sequel.

New Registration & Check-in System

To celebrate our Silver Anniversary, we are proud to unveil new Technology. GR.org's hot-off-the-press Tournament Registration & Check-in System will be used for the very first time! No longer will Referees be forced to compile tedious spreadsheets. No longer will the early rounds be plagued with no-shows. Instead of signing up in a thread, you will be able to simply sign up in the Registration System. The system will ask you to add your RelicOnline name and your estimated best 1v1 level, just as you did before. It will allow you to drop out, and Refs will be able to kick any cheaters, banned players, or smurfs, that try to sneak their way in to our hallowed halls. One hour before Tourney time, you will have to click a big "Check Me In" button, letting the Admins know that you are online and ready to play. The Check-in period will close 15 minutes before kick-off, allowing time to generate the brackets on Challonge. Obviously, if you don't check in, you won't get to play. Sign-ups will open on Saturday, June 2nd, at 5pm GMT. There will be a newspost with a link to the Registration & Check-in System.


We are proud to announce that three new 1v1 maps will be joining the rotation for XXV.

These excellent maps were developed by GR.org community members, and were featured in the SNF Tester tourney #1. They can be downloaded here:

Download Tournament XXV Custom Map Pack & Installer

Schedule & Prize

GR 1v1 Silver Anniversary Tourney XXV
64-slot Single Elimination, $200 Prize Pool

Saturday, June 16th, 5pm GMT (10am Pacific, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST)
R1) Bois du Chatelet
R2) Angoville
R3) Bayeux

Sunday, June 17th, 5pm GMT (10am Pacific, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST)
R4) Langres
R5) Argentan
R6) Start on Semois, then veto

Each round is Best-of-3, except Final, which is Best-of-5
* Note: if we get more than 64 players, we will move the Final (R7) to Monday.

Warm-up Tourney (optional)

In case you're not familiar with the 3 new community-made maps, GR is organizing a warm-up tourney, one week before the actual tourney. Each player will get a chance to play each new map twice, once as Allies & once as Axis. This will also give us a chance to test our check-in system. Sign-ups for both tourneys will open on June 2.

Custom Map Warm-up Tourney (attendance optional)
Contestants will be seeded and split into 4-man Groups
Winners get high seeds in XXV

Sunday June 10th, 5pm GMT (10am Pacific, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST)
R1) Bois du Chatelet
R2) Bayeux
R3) Argentan

Each Round is Best-of-2, with 3pts for win, 1pt for draw


As can be expected, there will be lots of Broadcast shows on gamereplayscoh on twitch.tv. There have even been rumors of the return of beloved shoutcaster, Yoink. Keep an eye on the portal for subsequent announcements. It's big, it's silver, and it's full of the joy of knowing that CoH has a sequel, it's GameReplays.org's Company of Heroes Tournament XXV!