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I Want YOU to Join the CoH Staff!

By Basilone™ - 20th July 2012 - 03:28 AM

We are currently taking applications for new Writers, Artists, Junior Referees, and Fair Play Specialists!

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As a Referree, consider yourself the MP on base, keeping the GI's in line with the code of conduct. I'm slightly exaggerating here, your main job is to help run smooth tournaments. The specific duties include inspecting screenshots to ensure fair play, and resolving problems such as NAT errors and no-shows. Being a Referee requires you to be present on all tournament days. This means you get the majority of the time off, but be prepared to work hard for one weekend every two or three months.

Writers help spread the good news of the "Allied War Machine" one article at a time. We write about hot topics such as tournament news, special interviews, Company of Heroes 2 announcements, and Sunday Night Fights™ hype. This position doesn't require your availability for several consecutive hours, we do the work on our own time. However we require more consistent activity than the Refs, propaganda never takes a week off!

How would you like to snap the picture that goes down in every major World War II history book? Being an Artist entails using photo editing to provide us with creative and high quality images for the front page, like the one for this article. Would you like to make splash screens and player biography screens for Sunday Night Fights™? If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, this is also the type of work that the Artists contribute to the team.

Fair Play Specialists are the righteous judges in a cold, uncaring world, hunting down the cheating scum! ...sorry, let myself go there. Fair Play Specialists handle reports submitted by users in the Fair Play Forum, checking replays for cheating. If you wish to combat cheating in Company of Heroes and you think you're sharp-eyed, impartial, with keen judgement, this might be the task for you. As the judgement of the a Fair Play Specialist can lead to the ban of a player, this position is not taken lightly: every aspiring Fair Play Specialist's ability will be briefly tested before being appointed.

To apply as a Referee, send a PM to Pez or Purlictor and tell them why you would be a good fit for the crew. To become a Writer, send a PM to Basilone and tell me a bit about yourself, and why you want to join. To enlist as an Artist, send a PM to Marcus2389, ntd, or Basilone with a sample of your work.
If you want to apply as a Fair Play Specialist, send Rémy a PM.