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Open Beta Available Now!

Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013
Relic Entertainment has announced this morning the open beta will be available starting today, June 4, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST. The open beta will run until June 18, 2013, one week before the game's release date. All players will be able to access the beta through Valve's online distribution...

"Above the Battlefield" Gameplay Trailer

Tuesday, 28 May 2013
A new Company of Heroes 2 trailer has been released today following Friday's introduction into the single-player campaign. This time around we've been teased with gameplay footage backed by a powerful orchestral track. With a different approach, Above the Battlefield is designed to get us hyped...

Cinematic Trailer Released

Thursday, 23 May 2013
Relic Entertainment has released a cinematic trailer providing a hint into the single-player campaign for Company of Heroes 2. The trailer begins with a Russian soldier being interrogated during a snowy train ride. Tales of battles along the Eastern Front, including the famous Battle of...

Company of Heroes 2 Goes Gold

Monday, 20 May 2013
On the morning of Friday, May 17, 2013 Relic Entertainment announced the highly-anticipated sequel to Company of Heroes went gold. Set to release on June 25, 2013, the closed beta for Company of Heroes 2 ended on April 30, 2013. Details on the open beta are yet to be announced, but the product...

CoH2 Closed Beta Officially Over; Open Beta Details

Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013
Relic officially turned off the Company of Heroes 2 closed beta today between 1:00 PM EST and 2:00 PM EST. The program may still show in your Steam library, but unfortunately, it will not launch. Steam will return a "No Launchable EXE" error message when attempting to play the game. CoH2 fans,...

Company of Heroes 2 Staff Needed!

Thursday, 25 Apr 2013
Are you interested in giving back to the community? Do you know your way around Company of Heroes 2 and want to help others? Your opportunity is finally here. GameReplays.org is now recruiting Strategy Specialists and Replay Reviewers for the Company of Heroes 2 staff section.Staff Member...

Sega Announces Updated CoH2 Digital Collector's Edition

Tuesday, 23 Apr 2013
Sega has decided to upgrade THQ's Company of Heroes 2 Digital Collector's Edition by offering additional downloadable content. The price will remain 99.99 USD with the package only available through digital distributors. THQ originally included only two camouflage skins, but Sega will now be...

New Replay System Features!

Saturday, 20 Apr 2013
Today, GameReplays.org is announcing a new feature for the replay system of every game. Guests may now upload their replays to any game's replay system. These replays are not visible to regular members via the replay index but can be shared directly via the URL of the particular replay. This...

Free Company of Heroes 2 Beta Keys!

Monday, 15 Apr 2013
Anxious to play in the Company of Heroes 2 closed beta, but haven't pre-ordered the game yet? Tired of seeing your friends play while you're browsing GameReplays? Well now, Relic Entertainment and Sega have you covered!Relic and Sega have given players a free chance to check out Company of...

Closed Beta Date Announced!

Friday, 29 Mar 2013
Commanders! Relic's latest instalment in the Company of Heroes franchise, Company of Heroes 2 is set to enter the first closed beta stage on the 2nd of April 2013, an official statement from Greg Wilson, producer of Company Of Heroes 2 said. He further stated: We are excited to be able to launch...