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GameReplays Is Recruiting Writers!

Friday, 29 Mar 2013
Ever had an interest in the exciting field of gaming journalism? Or, more likely, want to be able to include a stint as a "video game industry journalist" on your resume? Then you're in luck, because we just fired most of our writers and are in search of new ones! Hooray!But what does a...

Most Wanted Invitational - Seeds and Brackets

Tuesday, 12 Mar 2013
Seeds 1. DevM 2. Symbiosis 3. Tommy 4. Sandland 5. Jeep 6. Sepha 7. KoreanArmy 8. marinez 9. Inverse 10. Guderian 11. BartonPL 12. Pepsi 13. Silence 14. NoLuckyStrike 15. maccaronni 16. 12ocky 17. Bjarkey 18. Twister 19. HelpingHans 20. Convuko 21. DanielD 22. NuViOn 23. piwawsky 24. DonnieChan...

Company of Heroes 2 Coming to PC June 25th!

Thursday, 7 Mar 2013
Sega and Relic Studios announced earlier today that they would be delaying the release of the highly anticipated sequel to Company of Heroes in late June in North America and Europe. The studio also remarked that they were disappointing that the release had to be pushed back but felt that it...

Most Wanted Invitational

Friday, 22 Feb 2013
With THQ going down, Relic changing hands and an eagerly awaited CoH2 beta, our great RTS from 2006 has fallen by the wayside.To revive the CoH "1" scene, the Most Wanted clan will be hosting an invitational tournament. The event will pit against each other some of the best players vCoH has to...

Tournament XXVII After Action Report

Monday, 18 Feb 2013
During the two days that Tournament XXVII was played a total of 126 matches were played! If you give the brackets a quick glance to look for GG's, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of good players, interesting match ups and surprising results that faces you. But don't fear! This AAR is...

Sega Buys Relic; THQ Auction Results

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013
After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection five weeks ago, game publisher THQ's assets went to the auction block today, resulting in several studios and titles changing hands. While some of the details are still being resolved at the time of this writing, the results are generally...

Tournament XXVII Brackets & Waitlist

Saturday, 12 Jan 2013
BracketsThe brackets are now live! Check them out on ChallongePlease check if you are present on the brackets. If you're not and you did sign up, contact a ref as soon as possible.Also remember that these brackets aren't final, and might change before the start of the tournament (due to...

Tournament XXVII Update & Seeds

Thursday, 10 Jan 2013
With 2012 over we fans of Company of Heroes have an exciting year ahead of us. Not only do we have the finale of SNF closing in, but we also have Tournament XXVII starting this Saturday! The opening rounds will be casted by Greatness and EatDaSheep, Check out Greatness' Twitch channel and tune...

Company of Heroes 50% discount on Steam!

Friday, 28 Dec 2012
Almost like a late Christmas gift, Company of Heroes is now being sold at a 50% discount during Steams Christmas sale! The sale will continue until the 5th of January and seems to be a good time to get your family, friends and maybe even enemies addicted to the amazing experience that only...

THQ Files For Bankruptcy, Discloses Upcoming Games

Thursday, 20 Dec 2012
In a move that many of us have been expecting for some time, one of the better-known names in video game publishing and development, THQ Inc., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Wednesday. The filing essentially puts THQ in its entirety up for sale at auction, provided a purchaser is...