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Tournament XXVII Announced!

Monday, 17 Dec 2012
It's tournament season again here at Gamereplays and the launch of Company of Heroes 2 Alpha Stress Test marks the end of a glorious era for CoH fans. For more than 6 years Company of Heroes has called upon the greatest players from throughout the world to clash on Normandy's blood stained...

What's the future of Company of Heroes?

Friday, 14 Dec 2012
With Company of Heroes showing the battles of the western front of WW2 and the upcoming Company of Heroes 2 telling the story of the eastern front, one cannot but wonder what is next for the series. Will they continue with WW2, will they show another historical conflict or even create their own...

IGN's Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Review

Friday, 14 Dec 2012
IGN's Anthony Gallegos recently published an article covering the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer event in London on December 6th. In the article, he recounts his impressions of the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer as well as new features such as Intel Bulletins. IGN also published a gameplay...

Letters from the CoH2 Producer 1: Beta!

Saturday, 8 Dec 2012
A few hours ago Greg Wilson, the producer of Company of Heroes 2, has wrote a public letter to the community with the update on the development status and future plans. The team has been busy putting together a multiplayer Alpha Stress Test, the Closed Beta is coming shortly after the new year,...

Company of Heroes 2 Developer Diary: Preparing For War

Friday, 7 Dec 2012
It has been a big week for Company of Heroes fans. Not only did we get a huge article by PCGZine on Company of Heroes 2, but now we also get to enjoy what looks to be the first of several developer Diaries to come.This first episode focuses on game play features such as Vaulting, TrueSight and...

Expert Insight: Episode 5

Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012
Gamereplays presentsEpisode 5 of Expert InsightTonight on Expert Insight Tommy and FatalSaint return with the infamous Whermacht player Magpies. Known for his brutal piospam strategies and heavy defensive play, he walks us through a day in the life.Catch Episode 1 with Seb here!Catch Episode 2...

The Company of Heroes 2 Portal Has Been Launched!

Tuesday, 4 Dec 2012
GameReplays.org is proud to announce the launch of the Company of Heroes 2 portal, a new section devoted to the upcoming real time strategy video game being developed by Relic and THQ. The game is a sequel to the highest rated strategy game of all time, Company of Heroes.GameReplays.org plans to...

Company of Heroes 2 Debut Gameplay Trailer

Monday, 3 Dec 2012
After months of limited teasers and very positive feedback from people who witnessed Company of Heroes 2 at the Eurogamer expo, we finally have our first gameplay trailer featuring over a minute of intense Company of Heroes 2 action! Those of you who missed the worldwide premiere of the trailer...

Sunday Night Fights Season 4 Update

Monday, 26 Nov 2012
Sunday Night Fights is one of the most watched events in the Company of Heroes community, and it's not hard to see why: explosive action, expert match-ups, crazy comebacks and top notch casting all come standard with SNF, and season four continues to deliver! With an unprecedented amount of cash...

First CoH2 Gameplay Footage!

Thursday, 22 Nov 2012
This is the first Company of Heroes 2 gameplay video to be released on the internet! Towards the end of the Youtube promotion (skip to 1.06) there are six beautiful teasing seconds of CoH2 gameplay footage for us to enjoy.