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3v3 Hill 331 Allied Strategy Guide

By Decs. - 11th August 2008 - 12:58 PM

We have had quite a success with this allied strategy in 3v3 AT as you can see from the leaderboard. So far we have not lost a game with this strategy on Hill. This guide concentrates on early game, as the 3v3 games vary a lot, and can be quite unpredictable at times.

First of all, we prefer currently 2 Brits and 1 US combo. The main reason for this is that the Fireflies are simply the best counter to axis tanks, and top teams tend to use tank heavy strategies. In short, Brits are a lot more potent in late game.

The doctrine choices are rather unlimited and this strategy does not require doctrinal units, although they will definitely help. We tend to pick the Commandos (x2) as our Brit doctrine, though the Royal Engineers are a good choice for the right Brit. Our US players use all the doctrines, but the AB is probably the most efficient currently.

Early game

IPB Image
The Brit who starts near the right side packs immediately his HQ, researches speed governors and goes to the strategy point on right. He retreats the first infantry section so that it will follow the HQ and capture the strategic point. As the first squad caps the point, he takes a look at the small house near the fuel. If there is a PG/pioneer squad in the house, he destroys it by driving HQ near it and clicking around. We have not yet figured how to do it exactly, but it goes down quite fast with a small amount of luck. Then he puts his HQ down and starts to produce troops. Usually the build order is something like this: infantry section-->lieutenant-->bren-->field support truck, however this will drastically depend on the situation.

Now let's have a look what our US player does meanwhile:
WSC start with 2 engineer squads. Build order is mg-->mg-->sniper-->sniper OR supply yard (depends on the amount of fuel)-->motor pool-->m8s-->at gun(s). From there on we build what we need. The first 2 mgs are the only “must have” units meaning that you are free to go mortar or whatever if you feel it suits the situation, but experience has shown the power of this build order.

Engineers cap the most important places (+10 munis and +5 fuels). They cap only from the places that are secured, so they do not have to retreat. The first mg goes to the right Brit player, and the second to the left Brit player. Usually the both mgs will go to the houses directly. The first sniper goes to right, and as you may have noticed this is the side we want to concentrate on, so the US player will prioritize his micro accordingly.

Now we want to take advantage of our early game on the right side. We want to push to the enemy fuel and offmap. If you know that the enemy will try to attack, wait until they run to the US mg and retreat. If the axis are stationary, the Brit player flushes them out with a strong infantry push. Flanking is usually needed, as the wehr mgs will prevent direct attacks (see picture). Bren is ideal in this scenario, as it is able to flank mgs effectively. In case everything fails, put up a mortar pit and advance slowly. If this is the case, be prepared for a counter-attack since they obviously have a lot of troops near, and the Brit HQ is vulnerable to strong pushes.

As soon as you got your enemies on their heels you want to advance quickly, build a few trenches, move the US mg so that it covers the enemy fuel, cap the fuel and maybe place an additional vickers to cover the area. In general, trench up as this is the key area in this strategy. It is a good idea to place the casualty clearing station so that it is able to heal the trenches. This will help versus the nebels that will usually come.

The left side is slightly more boring, but on the other hand it is the place where you can show your skills. This is the ideal spot for the best player in the team (if fixed locations). The first infantry section will go and make a trench near the left center fuel. Now here is the trick that surprisingly many good players do not know: do not finish the trench, leave it ~95% done so that you are able to finish it almost whenever you want to. Then cap the fuel. If situation gets tough, finish the trench and enjoy the invincibility. This will secure the house for the US mg that is coming quite soon.
IPB Image

Usually good build order for the left Brit is lieutenant-->infantry section-->move HQ to the +10 muni near your base-->bren-->field support. If the enemy double teams in the area, and you are in trouble get field support instead of bren. The worst case scenario is that your offmap gets taken and you cannot tech up since the trucks get blown up right as they are built. In general, this is the player who techs up very quickly.

The left Brit will try to take and hold as much as possible of the map, the left fuel as his priority. Vickers that covers the fuel may be a good investment, as it will delay your enemies a great deal.

IPB Image

Mid game
M8s start the middle game in our guide. These unhittable little vehicles will cause nasty problems to the axis players. We use it to ease pressure that our quick teching has been giving us. The M8s will go wherever needed. The M8s will be our light armor, as they are better than stuarts. Meanwhile, the Brit players have built a sapper squad and a captain. The sappers will be overrepair, unless the sun is about to explode (=you are in trouble).

The sappers have a special task: they mine the right offmap and build a 17 pounder. This will mean happy times to any axis offmap units.

IPB Image

The centre of the map was left without any real attention earlier, but as the importance of the vps rise we will pay slightly more attention to it. The rule of thumb is that if you have units that are not needed elsewhere, take the centre with them.

The mid game should look like something like this:
IPB Image

Late game
This is the time when the biggest axis threat, tank heavy build, emerges. On the other hand, at the same time the British tanks will show their strength. The both Brit players have had a rather short t1 and t2 in order to take the maximum out of t3. Fireflies, Cromwells, command tanks, and sappers are your best friends. Usually it is not a good idea to baserush your enemies unless you are certain of victory. Vps are risk-free investments unlike baserushes.

The US player will not usually go tank heavy, as the Brits have better tanks. Instead, he will help with his other units such as: snipers, mgs, at guns, M8s, rangers/paras etc. This kind of rare action is known as the notorious “combined arms” usage. He will be the support player.

Miscellaneous (the stuff that makes pros pro)
-Use half finished trenches as much as possible. Make a few near your base and you will be happy when the enemy rushes you.
-Use mines (the US player's duty as he is the support player). Place a mine, and shift click somewhere. The engineers will build a mine and move away so that they do not reveal the mine and get blown up as the enemy steps on it.
-Know where to micro and when to micro. 3v3 micro is arguably more difficult than 1v1 micro, at least it is a lot different.
-Commando demo charges on vps and other important points are great.
-When the Brit player has secured his side and does not need new squads quickly from the field support truck, move it to +10 muni that are found on the side of the map.
-Destroy the wrecks, and do not look surprised when the inevitable Bergetiger appears.
-Put a bren squad into a trench near the right offmap to ensure tank kills.
-Radio triangulation may save your game.
-Communicate with your teammates in order to organize things like repair zones (“let's bring our vehicles and repair squads here”-->allied “over-repair bunker”).
-Make a finished trench, and put a demo charge next to it. Your opponent's smile will fade away as the demo charge blows up the squad that went into the trench.
-Unmanned weapons (like pak) are great target for demo charges and mines.
-Hill is a big map so damaged engines are very valuable. Lure your enemy into a minefield, bring your forces and destroy the enemy troops before slow Panthers reach the scene.

Final words
You need to protect the right Brit player and adapt if the spawns are not optimal. Firefly micro is also crucial to this strategy. Well-microed Firefly>Axis armor. Firefly without proper micro=Firefly wreck in a few seconds-->no proper counter to axis tanks-->fail.


// Gemini team

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