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ZeroCrack's US Vs Panzer Elite Guide

By jodonnell - 25th August 2008 - 04:14 AM

ZeroCrack, a Company of Heroes Expert, shares some of his insights on how to beat the Panzer Elite with the US by using a fast M8/Airborne strategy.


US Vs Panzer Elite Strategy Guide v2.3.0.1
by ZeroCrack

This article may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the explicit written permission of the author.

I am back with a guide on how to play the US vs Panzer Elite as promised. Remember, this is the current strategy I use vs the Panzer Elite in retail. In beta, I might make some changes or use a completely different strategy. Until then, however, I find this strategy to be very effective. Since I am taking a little break from Company of Heroes, I won't be writing a new guide for beta strategies, but the basic ideas in this guide will always apply.

The US vs Panzer Elite match is very different from the US vs Wehrmacht match. In my guide about playing the US vs Wehrmacht, I said that the US works best if they are played aggressively. It's a bit different with Panzer Elite this time around. I will go into detail with each game phase against the Panzer Elite.

Early Game

As I mentioned earlier, the US vs Panzer Elite match is a bit different from the Wehrmacht match-up. In the early game vs PE, it is best to use your Rifles to stall the enemy. By stalling, I mean you should avoid confrontation and just try to gain map control. In the early game, the Panzer Elite cap points quite slowly whereas Riflemen capture territory very quickly. Due to the strength of the PE's G43s and Infantry HT in retail, I don't use my Rifles for combat, but rather I have them go cap around the map and stall for a M8, the best counter to most Panzer Elite units. A two engineer start helps me secure the map faster, and later on it gives me another unit I can equip with a flamethrower.

A lot of people may be confused by what I mean about capping around the map, so allow me to explain. Let's take Angoville, for instance. We all know Angoville has two +16 fuel points, and our objective is to get out a quick M8; so in the early game, use your Rifles to ensure you always have at least one the +16 fuel points capped, and try to cut off the PE's strategic point if possible. If the Panzer Elite are in control of one side of the map and they try to cut off your resources, retreat your Riflemen back to your HQ and start capping the other side (as their forces are all on your side now.)

Since Panzer Elite forces always have to travel in a blob to be effective, if they are busy occupying one side of the map, the other side of the map is completely defenseless. Further, as I mentioned earlier, Riflemen cap way faster then Panzer Grenadiers. Therefore, if the Panzer Elite player takes your side of the map and tries to capture your fuel, you can out-cap them on other side of that map.

I highly recommend getting a Jeep, as it compliments your stalling tactics with your Riflemen - it can kite, safely reducing Panzer Grenadier health, and it can take down Kettenkrads quite easily. Once you spot a Panzer Grenadier with low health, your Riflemen can focus fire on that squad to kill them pretty fast. If you have good micro, you can also use the Jeep push trick I will explain later to push Panzer Grenadiers out of cover and then let your Riflemen focus fire on that Panzer Grenadier. My two engineer start also compliments using a Jeep, as it gives me an extra unit to repair it with.

Riflemen are weak against G43-equipped Panzer Grenadiers in the early game, so if the Panzer Elite player comes at you with a big blob (and if you know you can't win that fight,) retreat ASAP so you take minimal casualties - you need every bit of Manpower you can get against a Panzer Elite player. After you retreat, just go around and capture other side of the map.

In a situation where your Riflemen outnumber his Panzer Grenadiers, stay on the battlefield and fight; but if you know you can't win, you need to retreat ASAP. In a fight against Panzer Grenadiers, keep your Riflemen behind cover and focus fire on the Panzer Grenadier who has the least health and is the closest to your Riflemen. That Panzer Grenadier will die pretty quick, especially if he has no cover. A lot of low-to-average skill Panzer Elite players don't pay much attention to cover because they are used to seeing Riflemen being easily defeated by G43s, so use that to your advantage.

  • Pay close attention to the health bar on your Rifles and Jeep; if the Panzer Elite player focus his fire on a Jeep or Rifle squad, they will die fairly fast.
  • Stall for fuel, stay and fight if you know you can win, and retreat ASAP if you are fighting a battle you know you will lose.