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Company of Heroes: Noob Badge

By Sepha - 1st April 2008 - 08:32 AM

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Noob Replay

The "Noob" tag simply denotes the involvement of a CoH noob in the replay. COH noobs are the very worst players in the game today. Generally all the noobs can play at the very lowest level with all factions, on all maps, in all situations. Most replays involving these noobs will be of very low skill and almost always worth a watch.

Now, why is this tag needed you wonder? We felt that besides showing what the best play is like, another very important aspect in replays is knowing what is bad play for contrast. Besides that, we also felt that demolishing the morale of a minority to make the majority feel better about themselves is exactly how gamereplays wants to profile themselves as a gaming site.

Of course, new CoH noobs™ need to be elected as well. The logical thing to do would be to make it as the expert system, so that CoH noobs nominate and vote for others. Because we were rather frightened that a noob with any sort of power would cause Relic to implement perfect balance, we resorted to something else though.

Meet: The nub system! This works a bit like the wub system, but instead of when you liked the replay, you can vote for the replay being nub when you think the playskill showed there is a hallmark to their ingenious strategies and the diversity they bring to the game. Once a player has accumulated 100 nubs on his replay, he will automatically be blessed with a CoH noob badge. Having 2 replays with 75 nubs also suffices. These numbers may be altered if the treshold proves to be too high or too low, or too easy to abuse (I'm looking at you Stomach Battalion, with your level 5 number of members medal).

Of course, being a CoH noob comes with some perks: You get your own forum where only other CoH noobs can post, as to make sure your strategy discussion doesn't become public. You also will not have to bother with the less gifted CoH players that you refer to as 'average' and 'mediocre', because you simply can't post in the general discussion anymore. Or the strategy forums. Did I mention the replay forums, the clan forums, the news forum and the shoutcast forum? You actually can't post anywhere anymore except in your very own noob forum.

The last thing you will get is restriction from anything that might actually help you rise above your noob status, such as replays, strategy guides, member pictures and admission into the mentor/mentee program.

A big thanks to Aftershock for organizing everything to do with the Noob Badge system!