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American Unit Guide - T17 Armored Car

By warhawks - 21st May 2009 - 13:05 PM

The T17 is a great replacement for the M8, but is comes with its disadvantages. sjceran, philiwili, AVD, and VelocityGirl have compiled this guide on the new T17.

The T17 Armored Car

IPB Image
* - Image by coh-stats.com

Name: T17 Armored Car
Replaces: M8 Greyhound
Cost: 280 mp, 40 fuel
Abilities: Stun
Description: Light Tank
Veterancy: Vet 1 - 3
IPB Image
* - Image by coh-stats.com

The T17 is a very useful light vehicle that replaces the US M8 Greyhound. The T17 has a few advantages over the M8, but a few significant disadvantages. First off, the T17 uses the same gun as the M8, but it fires at a much more rapid rate, which means you can the T17 as a shock unit just like the M8. Therefore, it can kill infantry during battle much faster and efficiently. The stats for the M8 and the T17 are identical, so the only difference is in offensive power is the armaments. The T17 cannot be equipped with a .50 cal nor can it drop mines. It costs ten more fuel to purchase, but you cannot purchase armor upgrades for this vehicle (but you can gain amor in the form of sandbags at Vet1). The T17 simply sports a 37mm cannon that can utilize phosphorus rounds. The phosphorus rounds are used against enemy vehicles to temporarily stun the unit. This can be used in an offensive and defensive manner. In a defensive manner, you simply activate this ability in order to escape from an enemy tank. In an offensive manner, you can pursue enemy light vehicles like an AC in order to kill it before it escapes.

There are a few problems with the T17 though. Since the T17 does not upgrade its armor until vet 1, the T17 is extremely vulnerable at any stage. It can be destroyed by a single well placed mine, by two panzerfaust/schreck hits, or by two Pak hits, amongst other means. This means that you need to use your T17 wisely until it gets to vet one status, which will significantly improve its armor. Another problem with the T17 is the cost associated with its risk. In a close game, losing forty fuel to a single twenty-five munitions mine is detrimental. To minimize this risk, always guide the T17 with a minesweeper squad in order to maximize its life span. The T17 has a poor damage output against light vehicles, so it will take a few shots to kill an PE AC. Against an upgraded Puma, use the phosphorus rounds to escape because a majority of the shots seem to pass through Pumas. Basically, the T17 is an extremely vulnerable light tank until it kills enough units to get to vet one.

The T17 is a very interesting unit. It provides a very good offense, but at a cost increase and a defense decrease. In large numbers, a group of T17ís can be considered OP because there are so many rapid fire cannons which makes it very difficult to counter. As for the question of which vehicle is better, the T17 or the M8, it depends on the player. Currently, the T17 can be considered overpowered (and there are plans to modify its firing speed); it offers a very powerful attack. With this, it can clear multiple squads of infantry in seconds. So in an offensive sense, the T17 is more powerful. If you can keep the T17 alive till vet one, then the T17 is without a doubt more powerful than the M8.

Written by sjceran, philiwili, AVD, and VelocityGirl ; Edited by BDNY

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