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British Unit Guide - Staghound

By warhawks - 30th April 2009 - 13:42 PM

Our third Tales of Valor unit guide, produced by Otherside and VelocityGirl, is on the British Staghound. The Staghound is a late game Stuart that replaces the Command Tank and unlocks the Firefly.

The Staghound Armoured Car

IPB Image
* - Image by coh-stats.com

Name: Staghound
Replaces: Cromwell Command Tank (CCT)
Cost: 280 mp, 45 fuel
Abilities: None
Upgrades: 50cal MG
Veterancy: None
Description: Light Tank

1. Pros: The Staghound can provide an anti-light vehicle role for the British while also unlocking their most powerful tank. With the cheap 50 cal. MG upgrade, it can also provide good anti-infantry cover. It is also 20mp and 5 fuel cheaper than the Cromwell Command Tank.

2. Cons: While the Staghound can hold its own, the unit it replaces is very important unit. The Staghound can not gain vet, and doesn't provide the command aura bonuses. The Cromwell Command Tank is very important in use with the Firefly as it provides great reload and accuracy bonuses. Without the CCT, Fireflies alone can be considered 40% less effective without including veterancy.

3. Summary: For all intents and purposes, the Staghound is a Stuart clone apart from the fact that the Staghound has 450hp compared to the Stuart's 300hp and also has the 50cal instead of the Canister Shot ability. I recommend against using the Staghound, reasons being it comes from the ACT this is late tier, and by the time the ACT has hit the field, you can expect to see tanks. Against AT guns and heavy infantry, the Staghound doesn't stand a chance. Also, the bonuses from the CCT, while often overlooked, are very useful, and it's tough to hold against late game axis armor without them.

Written by Otherside & VelocityGirl; Edited by BDNY

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