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Clan Spotlight: Reborn

By warhawks - 12th October 2011 - 16:15 PM

The second installment of our Clan Spotlight features Reborn clan.

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GameReplays.org: When was Reborn founded, and by whom?

Reborn: Reborn was founded on March 31st, 2007, by AmiPolizeiFunk, Nuvion, and GermanSupreme.

GameReplays.org: How many members are currently in Reborn, and what are the demographics of the clan?

Reborn: Reborn's roster currently holds 41 members, most of which are quite active. Even members deployed in the military, like Marinez and Merlin, still manage to get online and play games from tents in the middle east. We have members from all over the globe stretching from USA at its core to Germany, Australia, and Great Britain. Our ages range from 18 at our youngest to our oldest Mr. Funk at 40.

GameReplays.org: Reborn has been around for awhile, being the second oldest Company of Heroes clan on GameReplays.org. What is the secret to your longevity?

Reborn: I think we can thank our longevity to our brotherhood and our involvement in contributing to the community. Most of us have known each other now for several years and we are all close friends, almost extended family. You don't just let anyone into your family! It's more important to us that new recruits blend well with us than anything else. We're also heavily invested in contributing to GR & the community at large, with Ami holding the Director of SC2, Budwise being a CoH Admin, IpKaiFung being a DoW Admin, Biosparks being Senior Commentator, and Lynskey being Editor for SC2. Almost every official GR CoH tournament for the last 3 years has been run from Reborn Vent. Members collaborate with one another on a variety of projects, like Sunday Night Fights or a new portal publication.

GameReplays.org: Reborn's clan motto is "Going Against The Grain." Can you explain your motto and how your clan lives up to it?

Reborn: "Going Against the Grain" refers to our way of thinking in general. We don't follow the masses, in strategy or in attitude. When a certain faction or ability is OP, we tend to play the opposite faction, or look for inventive ways to counter the OP strats or tactics. Marinez 4ES strat and Nosliw & Gosu's run as the extremely underpowered double-PE in 2.6 are great examples.

GameReplays.org: You are a fairly large clan. What is your approach to recruitment, and are you concerned about growing too big?

Reborn: We have few requirements on paper such as being better than average at the game (we tend not to put down specific level requirements), being 18 years of age, and having a mic and Ventrilo. In reality the biggest thing to us is, "Do you bring something worth having to the clan?" If we enjoy the company and the games together, that's all that really matters to us.

GameReplays.org: Does your clan have a website? What is the primary means of communication?

Reborn: The Reborn forum on GameReplays.org is our home. Reborn's Ventrilo server is our living room.

GameReplays.org: What is it like to have a professional gamer in the clan? Have any of you seen Gosu compete live?

Reborn: Gosu (Huk) offers beers on him for anybody that makes it to see him play in an event. Watching his meteoric rise to worldwide fame was very fascinating, and Reborn are proud of all of his achievements. He's been on many teams, from Millennium, to Liquid, and now to EG, but he will always be Reborn to us. We often get together in Vent to watch Chris on GSL, or at MLG or Dreamhack, or wherever else he may be performing. It seems he's traveling from one side of the globe to the other, each week.

GameReplays.org: Have any other clan members ever met in person?

Reborn: Several of us have met up for some good times. Blitzkrieg and WhiteFlash recently met up for some beers, Xcom and Nickel met up in London for some laughs, Budwise and Merlin had some laughs when Merlin flew into Texas for a night with his military unit, and Budwise and BlueTrane found out, shortly after Trane joined, that they live across the highway from each other. Budwise has been known to stop by occasionally at a local coffee house where Trane jams out on the guitar with some local musicians.

GameReplays.org: Do you have rivalries with other clans?

Reborn: We have had a few over the years. Originally there was a friendly rivalry with LAID back when the Reborn vs LAID clanwars happened. TRU and Reborn had a little bit of banter back in the day as well that resulted in some stiff moderation. These days things are rather quiet aside from the occasional Tomi fun, or burying some hopeless soul that might try to troll us in our own forums.

GameReplays.org: What other games do Reborn clan members play? Have you ever thought about branching out to recruit players in other games?

Reborn: We play everything under the sun but mostly CoH. SC2, Minecraft, BF3, BF:BC2, DoD, CoD, and others are all played during the CoH downtimes. We only have 1 member that plays SC2 but has never played CoH. It's hard to say what will transpire in the future.

GameReplays.org: Does your clan have any final comments for the GameReplays.org community?

Reborn: Thanks for featuring us in this Clan Spotlight, and we look forward to seeing spotlights on other CoH clans. The GameReplays.org community has kept this venerable game alive for 5 years, and that's something to be proud of! Let's keep it going. Feel free to join us in Reborn Vent for some games, or to just stop in and say hello.

Reborn Members and Their Contributions

AmiPolizeiFunk: Budwise:
  • Current Company of Heroes Game Administrator
  • Former Replay Reviewer, Team Strategy Specialist, Senior Strategy Specialist, and Senior Referee
  • Wrote the Stealth & Metal, Dual Wehr Madness, and Bud's T3-T4 Strat strategy guides
  • Broadcaster for Sunday Night Fights and Co-Creator of OMG Shoutcasts
Marinez:Nosliw: Gosu: Biosparks:
  • Company of Heroes Senior Commentator
  • Wrote the Bio's 4ES Barracks strategy guide
  • Creator of the PE Tip Centre
  • Organizer and Broadcaster of Sunday Night Fights Season Two
  • Level 20 top PE
Lynskey: WhiteFlash:
  • Worked on several Company of Heroes maps, including Rails and Metal, Duclaire, and McGechaen's War
  • Created the 2v2 map Alsace Moselle
  • Current Dawn of War Administrator, former Company of Heroes Referee and StarCraft 2 Administrator
  • GameReplays.org's twenty-second member
  • Held the number one spot in both factions before OF
  • Company of Heroes Expert
  • Level 20 at various times
Reborn Member Stream Links:

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