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Clan Spotlight: Reign of Madness

By warhawks - 11th July 2011 - 15:19 PM

In the first of a series on GameReplays, the Company of Heroes section will be spotlighting the various CoH clans in the community with a detailed Q&A session. Every week we will spotlight a clan to provide a background and unique perspective on each clan and its members.

The first installment is on Reign of Madness |RoM| gaming clan.

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Reign of Madness


When was RoM founded and by whom?

RoM was founded in February 2009 by warhawks, Daeyeth, sjceran, Peacekeeper, Otherside, Rasta, 3baseballer3, Chevrolet and CanadianKid.

Tell us a little something about the clan, its philosophy, atmosphere, etc.

RoM was founded on a philosophy of good players with good attitudes. We focus on building relationships with people who have a passion for CoH and gaming in general. Most importantly our members should be good contributors to the GR and the CoH community. While we require a certain level of skill to get it, we value good attitudes more.

More information on our history can be found here.

You mentioned contributions to the community, can you elaborate on that?

RoM has always had members on GR staff, we have held almost every position available, Advisor, Admin, SSM, SM, Replay Review, Writer, Editor, Caster, Moderator, Referee, etc. Currently we have 8 people on staff. In addition to the various staff positions held, we have also contributed an enormous amount of content to GR in the form of and strategy guides and articles, etc, in addition to mentoring newer members and providing feedback in strategy forums/replay reviews.

Such contributions include:

Strategy guides:


Tips of the Week:


What are the demographics of the clan members?

We have 30 clan members from all over the world and age varies, with the average age probably around low 20's. I think the youngest is 17 and the oldest 41. Some married with kids, while others are in school or traveling. Here is a map of our members and their locations:

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Places and Origins
us canada england greece germany ireland spain portugal poland norway elsalvador australia czechrepublic southkorea finland indonesia cyprus

Are you actively recruiting and what is it like to get in RoM?

Yes, we are actively recruiting but in all honesty it takes a long time to get in RoM unless you really, really work at it. All of our current clan members have a say on who gets in the clan, that is, each gets a vote but more weight comes from our active members (they have a greater say). For every new recruit it is essential to try to get to know as many people as possible but we acknowledge that it is impossible to get to know everyone so focus on the active players. As mentioned earlier, recruits need to have demonstrated sufficient skill but good activity with a good attitude really goes a long way with us and the best way to get to know us is to be active in our forums, make sure to get in our xfire group and last but certainly not least, be active on Teamspeak.

For more information on becoming a member of RoM, see our thread here.

Speaking of communications, what do you guys use to communicate with each other?

Our main communication happens on GR, in our clan forums located here. We also have a clan website, but we decided not to include forums there, that way we ensure communication happens in once place. Our website can be found here and it is really a great site to get CoH news and to see what members are online at the moment. Also, thanks to Hicksi, we are able to show who is broadcasting games as well.

In addition, we have an xfire group, and a TeamSpeak 3 server. Anyone on GR is welcome to hang out on our Teamspeak server and play some games with us. If we know who you are we can make you a FoRoM (Friend of RoM) and give you access to change channels.

So, where did you get the idea of the Goodie Room and what actually goes on in there?

For starters, a lot man love (wink, wink) We got the name from a scene in the movie Tropic Thunder, itís our private forums and we use it to share replays, help each other out and talk about real life stuff, etc. We also like to have fun there as well. The motto of the Goodie Room is "ask and you shall receive". Oh and minimum requirement to get in the Goodie Room is you need to be swinging past your knees!

Do you have rivalries with other clans?

No, no drama, no rivalries. We tend to think we are a friendly clan and members of RoM have good friends in other clans as well (there a lot of good clans out there as you will see when they get spotlighted here on GR). We get along with everyone and once and awhile get some clan games with the guys in Reborn.

What other games do you play (other than CoH)?

I would say the three main games we play are CoH, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Starcraft 2. We also have a bunch of HoN players. We do play various other games as well; here is a list of games logged from our xfire group:

IPB Image

What other interesting things about RoM do you want to share?

Well in case you havenít noticed, we take our brand a little too seriously, we love the RoM shield! Itís everywhere!! We have made t-shirts, iPhone wallpapers, and even RoM skins!! See photo's below.

We have some cool threads in our forums, such as the War Movie Thread (which Relic copied).

We even have a RoM wireless booster!!!

We have a few game whores in the clan.

Our offical clan drink is Cockburns (there is a story behind that).

We have way too many Greeks .

We have cool gear!

Some cool sigs.

We had a few level 20 players and some won tourney medals (White Death).

A lot of our members play various types of instruments and some are quite good!

PHOTOS: RoM shield in action:

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IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Final comments for those in the GR community?

Thanks for letting us share some insights about Reign of Madness gaming clan and we welcome anyone to our forums on GR as well as our Teamspeak Server to play some games with us. Canít wait to see the spotlight of other clans on GR; there are some great clans in the community. Finally, to potential recruits, we look forward to see you around. gl & hf