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vCoH Tournament XII Videocast Compilation

By ElDiabolo - 5th December 2009 - 23:14 PM

With the influx of excellent replays from the recent vCoH Tournament XII the Videocasting staff here has been very busy. And today the fruits of their labor are shown in this superb collection of shoutcasted replays. Watch the best matches of the tournament from the Finals to Round 1 with audio commentary. The players are 1337, the gameplay is intense, and the surprises are stunning! Do not make the mistake of passing up this collection of replays ladies and gentlemen--it is a must see.

Individuality vs DualIceCream - ElDiabolo
ElDiabolo opens up the Tourneycast season this time with a Round 1, 45 minute game on Wolfheze between the teams Individuality (Sq482, spinnerette) and Dual Ice Cream (Piistii, Slehee).
Video by Espressojim.

Yet Another Team vs 69 team - Blazer463
Blazer463 continues with a Round 2 game between Yet Another Team ( MonsieurX, UsPostal) and 69 team (Chappi69, Scarl3t69). It's a 37 minute matchup on Point du Hoc.
Video by Espressojim.

NoobsFlyingHigh vs Drink - ElDiabolo+CallMeSarge
ElDiabolo pairs up with CallMeSarge for this 50 minute, Round 2 matchup of NoobsFlyingHigh (LoveTheGame, gam0rrr) Drink (DrinkIIKir, DrinkIITequila). It's placed on Point du Hoc and features some serious armored warfare.
Video by Espressojim

Reborn vs Freestyler&Umaril - Blazer463
Budwise and Gosu (Team Reborn) face Freestyler&Umaril in Round 3. The game is 56 minutes long, takes place on Loraine, features sniperspam and was casted by Blazer463.
Video by Espressojim.

EPIC vs Ruka#3 - ElDiabolo+Cindex
And here we got this tourney Cedric Award winner, casted by ElDiabolo and Cindex. Kot and Guderian (RUKA#3) play vs the EPIC-brothers 12azor and 13laded on McGeachans War and it takes one hour and twp minutes to finish this epic battle.
Video by Espressojim.

BG vs EXIT - Blazer463
Blazer463 continues his streak with this game between Beer and Girls (laFeeDesBieres, C6Petio) and EXIT (Slay33, BartonPL). The match is 34 minutes long and is fought on McGeachans War.
Video by Espressojim.

ArX vs Siou&Dan - ElDiabolo+Hachiko18
Hachiko18 makes his return into the shoutcasting scene by joining ElDiabolo to cast the first game of ArX (ntd, Ra11) vs Siou&Dan on Duclair. A lot of Arty, King Tigers and snipers show up in this 48 minutes matchup.
Video by Espressojim.

ArX vs Siou&Dan - Blazer463
The 2nd game of the same round and matchup (ArX vs Siou&Dan) is casted by Blazer463. This game only goes for 33 minutes and of course it's on Duclair as well.
Video by Espressojim.

ArX vs BG - Blazer463

And to round things up Blazer463 grabs a game of the final between ArX and Beer and Girls. They duke it out for 30 minutes on Rails and Metal to see who's the best of the best.
Video by Espressojim.

Props to all shoutcasters that came around and contributed. Special thanks to Espressojim for all those videos. Great job!