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Terror Doctrine Guide

By BoH - 11th March 2009 - 21:20 PM

King Tiger

Good Versus: Light Vehicles, Armor, and infantry.
Cost: 5 CPs, no up-front cost, 500 manpower drain for five minutes after call-in.
Population Cap: 16, only one allowed per game.
Health: 2000
Speed: 3

Unit Description: The King Tiger is easily the most powerful unit in the game. The KT has the most health out of any unit with the exception of a triple defense vetted Jagdpanther. Although the tank lacks speed, it makes up for it in firepower. The 88mm cannon makes this super tank the ultimate tank hunter, easily destroying any allied tank head on. The three MG42s on the KT give it the ability to defend itself from most forms of infantry. The main cannon is able to target all infantry, and usually wipes out a few squad members per-shot, but the Blitz Tiger still has the best anti-infantry capabilities. On a side note, the KT does not obtain veterancy like the Blitz Tiger. It simply comes in as is; amazing.

The unbelievably thick frontal makes it immune to M4 Shermans, and it usually deflects most AT gun rounds. In conjunction with infantry support, the KT is nearly impossible to bring down. The KT should be used to penetrate enemy lines, with support of course, to bring the game to an end. The thick armor usually deflects any type of British artillery, and makes it very durable against US 105 fire. However, the one downfall of the KT is its speed. Being one of the heaviest tanks means being one of the slowest. A savvy US or British player will circle strafe an unguarded KT, exploiting its weak armor and slow turret speed. Barging the KT into enemy lines unsupported, means a quick death for the KT in an even game against an experienced player. KTs are quite vulnerable to sticky bombs, bombing runs, RRs, M10s, Fireflies, and multiple AT guns, but with proper infantry support, these are no big deal.

With no upfront cost, the KT has become a pinnacle in the strategies for most Wehrmacht players. Its incredible firepower and strength gives this behemoth the ability to turn the tide of any equal battle despite the manpower drain received after the call in. The KT is magnificent versus US players, but due to the Brits ranged AT abilities, a V1 sometimes performs better. However, a KT is always a safe bet for any skill-level, but the key is to last the nine CPs necessary for the ultimate Wehrmacht unit.

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