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Introducing: Quicktips

By Schmieds - 20th September 2010 - 23:34 PM

Welcome to the first installment of Quicktips! The process is quite simple: we give you short gameplay tips that are simple to digest and easy to follow. You use the tips in game, and you become a better player! Maybe it's not simple, but you get the idea. Want to know the second best part about Quicktips? You can submit your tips to us! PM your tip to houseofdeath and if it's good enough it might show up in the next installment. You'll be credited for your contribution, of course. Now for some learning!

1. Planting mines on the doors of commonly used houses (eg. the middle of Langres) is a great way to damage squads, and can do huge damage if your opponent decides to garrison a wounded squad!

2. Engineers and Pioneers can cut sandbags just like they can wire

3. The crossroads of the hedges on the road in Angoville is a great place for a mine. It is a high traffic area and it's very likely you'll catch something.

4. Watch the VP counter. This may sound obvious, but in high-pressure situations, especially tournaments, it can be easy to lose track of.

5. Don't build Medic Bunkers too close to your cutoff as Wehrmacht. If your opponent pushes you off, he can cut your resources off and destroy the bunker. After this, you won't be able retake your cutoff without suffering significant casualties.

6. Use Slow against flame Engineers as Panzer Elite. It suppresses them almost instantly if the PGs stand still.

This concludes installment No. 1 of Quicktips. Contributions to this edition were made by Meow~ :3, Schmieds, Kllthydctr, c0mpl3x1ty, houseofdeath, and Tom21a. Check back on the portal soon for more of these helpful hints, and don't forget to submit your own.