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How to Bike Push

By WISE Architect - 30th August 2006 - 11:20 AM

This tip is for everyone who wants to use the bike, which may be one of the most fragile units in the game, but can be very good if used well, as demonstrated in this video:

  • Just like the jeep, the bike can use it's invisible force field of pathing issues to physically push units in a desired direction. People don't usually think to use bikes this way because of their low HP and awkward manuveurability, but there are many situations where the bike push can be used.
  • First, get as close as possible. Remember: don't click on the squad because that would result in attacking, not pushing.
  • The bike will usually take the shortest route to get from point to point. So clicking on the opposite side of the allied squad will result in my bike going right through.
  • Bikes are excellent at pushing units out of cover. Useful when your MGs can't supress a squad in heavy cover or to give your volks an edge. Units being pushed will also being unable to shoot back.
  • Pushing can be used to let your MGs setup in time if caught off-guard. You can prevent the flank and refuse to let an enemy squad to get by moving your bike in between and pushing them back, allowing your MG get ready.
  • A proper bike push can completely halt a squad capping a point.
by Cann0nball

Song used:
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