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November Tournament Announcement

By djw2104 - 23rd October 2017 - 13:23 PM


GameReplays.Org is planning a Company of Heroes tournament in November 2017. This is a follow up of the highly participated one held during February this year. However, there are still a large number of requisites and volunteers needed before this can come true!

Register for the tournament here!

Below are the tentative information and requirements for the tournament:

  • Donations towards the prize pool is much appreciated and can be done so at the link here. Do take note however that even if there are no donations received, the tournament will still carry on.

  • The tournament will have 32 slots. In the event that there is over-capacity, the organisers will filter the better players to take part in the tournament.

  • Players have to livestream their games and send the "past broadcasts" video link together with the replays to [email protected]

    After bad experiences with the screenshoter in the last tournament, it is no longer allowed to use this method and you have to livestream your games.
    Quality doesn't matter as long as you livestream the whole map selection process and the entire match.

    If you can't livestream, you can't play, sorry bro. Twitch is easy to setup and you don't need any hardware to do it, so just do it.

  • Only vanilla armies are allowed: Wehrmacht and US army.

  • Each participant has to join the steamgroup for the tournament to easily find other participants and opponents.

    For each matchup there will be a discussion opened in the steamgroup by a moderator with the name of you and your opponent in the title.
    Use that discussion to arrange a match with your opponent. Don't arrange the match anywhere else cause we need to have the ability to see the match arranging process.

  • Players can agree to play at the different time on the third day of the round but Kaos has to be notified about that and approve it.

  • Only the winner must send replays and livestream link to [email protected].

  • Participants will be chosen by their current CoH 1v1 Wehrmacht and US rank (Wehr + US, the smaller the sum,
    better the rank), on 1.11.2017, while legends (Noggano, DevM...) will have their place reserved if they apply, so
    make sure you get that rank up. Kaos keeps the right to place the tournament participants avoiding this rule if needed,
    so this rule is more of a guideline to improve your chances in playing in the tournament.

  • Brackets will be random with seeding, 8 seeded players, 32 participants, made on 2nd to 4th of November. (it will be announced).

  • Some other rules my be added in the process. Rules won't be changed after 1st of November but may change before the first. Check for updates on https://www.twitch.tv/kaoscoh.

  • Breaking any of the rules or questioning referees decisions will result in a disqualification.

  • If player(s) disconnects in first 2 minutes of the game due to internet problems or lags, the game has to be restarted in the same setup.
    Save all those replays so referees can check them later.
    Do not abuse this rule cause referees will check the replays later and if we determine you did this you will get banned from all CoH tournaments in the future.
    Use this only if your game is laggy in the beginning. Better your connection however you can and start a new match.
    If someone disconnects and you think he abused the rule, don't blame him but restart the game like no one won and save the replay! Referees will determine what happened later and make a decision.


  • Single Elimination Tournament
  • Standard Resources
  • 500 Victory Points
  • Bo3, Finals Bo5
  • Starting Positions - Detailed in the rules section
  • Factions - Panzer Elite and Commonwealth are banned from the Tournament

Map Pool

  • Semois
  • Sturzdorf
  • Langres
  • Argentan Crossroads
  • Wrecked Train

Time Table

[*] Each round will take 3 days, in the first 2 days players can arrange the time of the match by themselves. If they
don't agree on a time, there will be the third day in which the players have to play the game at 12:00 UTC.
Whoever doesn't show up at that specific time loses the round. If your opponent doesn't show up, prove that you were there by posting in
steam group at 12:00.

[*] Signups close on the 1st of November. The tournament starts on the 10th of November.

- Round 1: 10-11-17 - 12-11-17
- Round 2: 17-11-17 - 19-11-17
- Quarter Finals: 24-11-17 - 26-11-17
- Semi Finals: 01-12-17 - 03-12-17
- Finals and 3rd place match: 08-12-17 - 10-12-17

Sign Up

To sign up, click here!


[*] The 1st place gets 60% of the prize pool, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 10%.

To donate to this tournament, click here!
Donations goals will be added soon!


Some games of the early rounds will be casted by me on my twitch channel! The Semi-Finals and Finals will be casted by A_E and a special guest!


If you have any questions or suggestions about the tournament contact me through these accounts:
Kaos's Stream account
Kaos's Steam

Visit the: Tournament Website(Work In Progress) for more info.

If you are interested, please contact the tournament organiser, Kaos. Stay tuned for further information here at GameReplays.Org!