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2v2 Double Panzer Elite Strategy

By Decs. - 25th May 2008 - 19:30 PM

Double PE in 2v2 AT -
First of all, double PE is all about good unit selection and doctrine choice. You need doctrine choices to compliment each other as PE is a lot less flexible than people seem to think. A lot of PE units are hard counters that can be hard countered themselves. Marders and AC comes to mind. PE is also troubled by a lot of useless doctrine abilities which must be avoided at all costs. Luckily they also have some very strong doctrine choices which should be heavily emphasized.

As double Panzer Elite, (hereby shortened to DPE) you need to have plans for all enemy combinations and tactics or you will end up with a useless force on the field. As the map loads and you see the map/enemy team you and your teammate should quickly confirm to each other in Vent what you should aim to do. Strats need to be pre-discussed already as conjuring up something on the fly seldom works out well. The big clue here is to have a alternations to your strats that help you deal with a game going from a offensive back-and-forth to a british emplacement spam. The latter situation and your ability to deal with it is the breaking point for a lot of games.

Mostly, you will have to devise yourself what type of units you prefer to bring out, based on what kind of micro you can muster and how aggressive you want to play. Although I earlier said PE is a lot less flexible than people think, they do have a lot of flexibility when it comes to what kinds of AI/AT combinations they can choose to field. Do I go heavily on halftracks + AC for AI or do I get Mp44? Does his forces counter my vehicles better, or my infantry? Can I get shreks or should I rely on marders for this job? Will I need more ATHTs? Should I get G43s or Mp44s? PE is all about unit choice and dynamic role understanding.

I am convinced that the majority of the good teams in the TOP10 of 2v2AT on both sides have a lot of pre-planned Build Orders which they know by heart. Therefore it is interesting to bring in some examples of BOs that are used in high level play. I will begin with a well-tested and popular variation on a approach to DPE and discuss its weaknesses and strengths. It will not go into detail of the mid-late game as there is no way a buildorder can ever respond as flexibly as you yourself as a player.

The point here is to get into the thinking of the DPE and how you can supplement each other in the team, not presenting a perfect build order. In part 2 of this article I will present buildorders for Luftwaffe/scorched and combinations of td/luft/scorched.


Player 1 (Right side of Tank destroyer doctrine)


This player is the halftrack/marder man. He supports his allied players infantry with his halftracks and helps them reinforce during their early push. His infantry in halftracks is vulnerable to snipers but is easily able to flank mgs. If the snipers are not properly microed or supported, he will be able to chase them down with his halftracks and eliminate them. If this player buys incendiary grenades, he becomes a early game monster capable of wiping out trenches, mgs, units in buildings and presumably snipers. There is no strong early game counter to the unit composition this guy brings out. If the game goes well, he will have marders out early and should push for the british hq/Field Support and end it there.

He gets ACPR which turns his marders into monsters against all armour. Thanks to tank awareness he is never surprised when the M8/stuart rolls out and with a keen eye on the minimap he will be able to muster his marders to respond from attempted flanks. He is also the one expected to get incendiary grenades and defensive operations seeing how the P4 takes more fuel to tech to.

Player 1 can get mp44s but without squad sizes and the current power of british infantry in close combat, this is usually a bad idea. Pr0 allied players will focus fire your mp44s and kill them in a second. Armored cars can help, but good players hunt these things like they were the devil themselves and they go easily down to rouge at gun shots in the mid game.

You should be Player 1 if you can:

- Handle your halftracks flawlessily in terms of focus fire, sniper hunting, LT hunting
- You are good at keeping your PGs alive by reinforcing them, jumping them in and out of halftracks to keep them from getting squad wiped
- You have good marder micro
- The jagd is a doom weapon in your hands
- You can sense when the game is going so good that you can skip the halftracks and go directly for marders, ending the game quickly

Player 1 should be afraid of:

- Airborne squads going for your halftracks/marders
- Button on your halftracks
- Cromwells on your marders/halftracks
- M8s on your marders/halftracks
- massed Tommie squads
- 17 pounder spam

Player 1 needs support from Player 2 against:

- Tommie mass (Mortar halftrack)
- M8 (ATHT)
- Fireflies (ATHT)
- 17 pounders (MHT)

Player 2 (Left side of Tank destroyer doctrine)


Player 2 is support man. He has four large and important responsibilities to his ally:

- Deciding that the fuel situation is not good enough to rely on marders coming out, then bringing out a hetzer
- His mortar HT is the only thing that can force the campy brits to not group up with rifles, he is what we call a “puller”
- Getting out the ATHT which is a MUST to disable and bring impotency to the M8.
- Getting out the P4 to weak havoc on the infantry spam of airborne/ranger/tommy blobber

Considering how it takes a lot of fuel to get out the P4, Player 2 should focus on avoiding any fuel-costing upgrades like heal/incendiary. This is Player 1 responsibility. Where it is viable, he should move his reinforcing grenadiers to the base of player 1/FHQ so he can benefit from heal.

You should be player 2 if you:

- Your P4 micro makes the enemy wish it didn’t have infantry crush
- Your ATHT micro is flawless
- You are able to keep your Mortar Halftrack safe and firing at the enemy at all times
- Your shrek squads destroy the enemy emplacements.

Player 2 should be afraid of:

- No fuel means that this player’s heavy hitter the P4 will come out way too late
- Cromwells
- M10s
- AT guns
- Button

Player 2 needs support from Player 1 against:

- M8 (Player 2 can only disable)
- All heavy armour (You shouldn’t have more than one hetzer)
- Mortar pits/vickers
- Mgs, Snipers