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US Flanking Guide: Semois

By Sneii - 22nd November 2008 - 08:34 AM

This is another flanking guide for the purpose of clearing your Wehrmacht opponent's MGs with just riflemen; no WSC or mortar pool units. The USA army's strength is in the early and mid-game power, so why disregard your early game advantage and wait until mid-game if you don't have to?

Red lines around house - the house I'm referring too
3 Green lines - garrisoned MG
Yellow lines - where the machine gun is shooting and anything around those yellow lines will also get suppressed
White and purple lines - the paths you move your riflemen during a flank

North Side Start

This beginning location has of a more difficult time in my opinion, most especially once the Wehrmacht get a solid foothold in the center of the map with multiple MGs in houses.

House 1

IPB Image
  • Some Wehrmacht players will run an MG into this house thinking that it's an easy pin because it "locks down" the road from your base. The easiest way to handle this is to garrison an engineer or riflemen squad in the house opposite of it and then attack with a bunch of rifles coming from your base, since the MG will be preoccupied by the garrisoned units.

House 2

IPB Image
  • When you start in the North, the biggest challenge you'll face is going to be taking out the center. If you want to see if the Wehr player has an MG in the church, put a squad in this house and it gives you just enough line of sight to see if the church is garrisoned.
  • If you simply put your guys by the hedge, they can't see far enough.

House 3

IPB Image
  • Nothing fancy here, but if you just want to take out this house coming from the North, then this is a simple way of doing that.
  • When you do this, the MG in the church will not attack you because the house blocks a clear line of sight. So, you could potentially do this flank, hop in house 3, and then flank the church as another way of taking out the middle.

House 4

IPB Image
  • Easy flank :)