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Meet The Sherman

By hillhome - 9th October 2008 - 23:39 PM

Our latest Strategy Guide comes to us courtesy of kRISTIAN and chi3f! Without further ado GR proudly presents:

IPB Image

The Sherman is a medium tank and fills its role very well. Its built out of the Tank Depot and costs 420 manpower and 90 fuel. It is a good unit to lead an assault as well as in defense or for point harassment due to the speed and high damage. On the unit itself you can upgrade to upgrades for 75 munitions each. A 50. cal Machine gun which gives the Sherman a top gunner, very similar to the M8 upgrade, and increases damage output. The other upgrade is the underused Mine Flail. This upgrade can be very useful against teller mines as the flail will destroy mines, but they will not harm your tank at all. Its also the ultimate blob control. Running a Sherman with the Mine Flail and tearing infantry apart is the most satisfying thing in this game for sure. Be aware of the fact that the flail lowers the speed of the Sherman, mean you are a sitting duck for other tanks, Pak38 or other pesky threats.

IPB Image

What does the Sherman do?

It's a fast tank, meaning it's very good for hit'n run tactics. It also has some armor, but cannot stand up to a panther or worse. It's pretty much toe to toe with the P4 unless

Sherman (vanilla) = P4 (vanilla)
Sherman (vanilla) < P4 (vet 1-3)
Sherman (upgunned) = P4 (vanilla)
Sherman (upgunned) < P4 (vet 1-3)
Sherman (upgun+vet3) > P4 (vet 1-3)
Sherman (upgun+vet3) > P4 (vet 1-3)

[These tests were done by kRISTIAN and my self and aren't 100% reliable, but our tests shows this result]

As you can see, the M1A1C 76mm Gun upgrade (Referred to as upgunned) can be very important in tank battles. Maybe not against the P4, but it works very well against other tanks and HTs, as the penetration is increased a good bit you can get this global upgrade in the Tank Depot for 200mp and 50 fuel as well as the second Sherman upgrade, the Sherman Smoke. The Sherman smoke used to be very effective, but now it seems like its got little, or no effect. If coh-stats.com is to be believed, it lowers the penetration through the smoke. I still have little experience with it since its a 150 mp and 25 fuel upgrade, as well as 50 munitions to use it.