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The SayNoToKlauss Strategy

By AfTeRShoCk - 5th October 2008 - 19:06 PM

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The SayNoToKlaus strategy is an American strategy used against the PE. It relies on stall tactics, harassment, and quick vehicles to gain map dominance in the mid game and eventually starve your opponent of resources.

Pros of this strategy
  • When done right, it's extremely hard to counter. The more resources the PE player puts into chasing off your riflemen, the less they're able to counter your mid game.
  • Armored Car rushes aren't so bad, actually.
  • Its the damn panzer elite. You got a better idea?
Cons of this strategy
  • It requires quite a bit of foresight on where your opponent is going. If you guess wrong too many times, you may be in for a rough game.
  • The PE are, sadly, still a bit too powerful in this patch. This strategy minimizes the PE's strong aspects and tries to take pot shots at the cracks in their armor, but I'd have to figure that the PE are still going to have the upper hand quite a lot of the time.
  • This strategy requires a good bit if micromanagement, including reversing vehicles and circle strafing. If you're just starting out, or you micro worse than 12azor, this strategy might not be for you.
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For now, I want you to forget everything you've ever known about the American vs Wehrmacht match up. Your rifles are no longer flankers. Your vanilla infantry is no longer better than his vanilla infantry. Your rifle upgrades are not the heart and soul of your early game teching. Got that out of your system? Good. From now on, your rifles are strictly for capping, harassing, and support. They're not for fighting. You are going to lose every early game skirmish you have unless you massively outnumber his troops. But, you're still going to win the resource war. How? Read on.