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Tales of Valor

By Sepha - 20th November 2008 - 10:45 AM

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Tales of Valor is the next Expansion Pack that Relic has planned for the Company of Heroes franchise, it was recently officially announced by THQ. More information will be updated on this page about ToV as it is released. Remember some of the information in this article may not be 100% correct as the game is still being developed and content may be subject to change.

Release Date: April 9th

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Tales of Valor Explanation
Tales of Valor is what many CoH fans have called a new direction for Company of Heroes, while there will be no new armies in Tales of Valor, there will be three new campaigns including the ability to play co-op in campaign mode and a new 'direct fire' mode. The Tiger Ace Campaign will feature a tiger which you'll be able to manually control the turret of, choose when it fires and what it'll fire at.

There isn't any information on what the other Campaigns will be like so far but we're speculating they'll involve the original armies and possibly involve co-op mode, one for axis and one for allies maybe. There will also be new units/skins for units which are unlockable after completing one of the campaigns.

Tiger Campaign
The Tiger Ace campaign was first realized when an update in the current Beta left a button on the main page for it.

More information:

"This campaign will play out in a special mode; the Tiger will be controlled by four soldiers, each with unique skills that can be improved with accumulated experience. There’s a maximum “level” cap of four. Increased levels allow the soldiers to provide the Tiger with new abilities. For instance, your gunner will gain the ability to fire high-explosive rounds when he’s leveled up. Other abilities will allow you to improve the Tiger’s maneuverability attributes. Experience gained and abilities upgraded will be preserved between missions."

It's also speculated that you'll be able to upgrade the tank with special abilities rather than using commander points for company/doctrine abilities.

Relic posts on ToV
13/11/08 - Thunder
Just to clear things up a little -- I've seen a few posts mentioning that the camera might change when you use Direct Fire, taking you down closer to the tank or whatnot. The camera stays in the same standard RTS position that you play from when you use Direct Fire.

04/11/08 - Thunder
Hey folks, I just wanted to clear up some of the initial questions about Tales of Valor.

1) No new factions are going to be introduced in Tales of Valor.
2) The new units are new models and textures. New.
3) Direct fire is something that we're featuring in the campaign, and perhaps one of the new multiplayer modes. It's not something you'll be using in a standard multiplayer game.

There ya go. I think that the expansion will have something for everyone, single-player fans and fans of multiplayer.