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Sturm Armory Units

By Sepha - 15th September 2007 - 03:08 AM

150mm Nebelwerfer Rocket Battery

IPB Image

Good vs: Infantry, great for suppressing multiple squads.
Cost: 325 Manpower, 2 Pop.
Build time: 40 seconds
Health: 250 (battery), 150 (crew)
Abilities: Nebelwerfer Barrage
Speed: 2.75
Veterancy: Bought (Support)
Level 1: 15% reduced damage received
Level 2: 20% more HP
Level 3: 25% penetration reduction

Considered one of the most lethal weapons in WW2, the Nebelwerfer (nebel) is definitely lacking teeth in Company of Heroes' iteration. Ostensibly, the Nebelwerfer should provide long-range artillery support against infantry, but in practice, it's difficult seeing this unit doing anything. The Nebel is called a "suppression beast/machine" by many players, but in reality, the suppression is no better than what an MG42 could provide.

The Nebel suffers from three fatal flaws. It has extremely low accuracy, even with a spotter. This means that the missiles it fires are very unpredictable. Each missile does extremely low damage. At mid-max ranges, the missiles do much less damage than a single rifleman has health. This means that the nebel will almost never do real manpower damage. It acts as an enabler; allowing other units to do much more damage than they normally would. Finally, the nebel only suppresses for a short time. An Wehrmacht commander has to have their units in perfect position to launch an assault as soon as the infantry is suppressed and in practice, this is extremely difficult to do. There is always the risk the nebel will suppress your units in a firefight, so using it during a battle is of dubious interest. It doesn't do enough damage to warrant it's usage against 57mm AT gun crews, which would be one of the major uses for the nebel. The suppression is random and intermittent, because the nebel can only fire once a minute. A well positioned MG42 crew can provide much more reliable suppression, much more damage and instill more panic than a dozen nebel batteries can provide. This is one of the least recommended units in the Wehrmacht arsenal.