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Tier 2 Terror - Part One

By Sepha - 29th March 2008 - 13:39 PM

Tier 2 Terror
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a Guide by SayNoToStim

Also see: Tier 2 Terror - Part 2 for T4 and late-game tactics.


Tier 2 Terror is one of the most versatile, adaptive strategies in Company of Heroes. With the ability to fend off any unit and strategy the British or the Americans can muster, Tier 2 Terror has been around for quite a long time and isn't going anywhere soon. Tried and true, this strategy is the reason for many Wehrmacht victories and Allied defeats. Its not a magical, one trick pony. Its a solid strategy that requires the Wehrmacht player to adapt to the Allied attack and respond accordingly.

Pros and Cons

  • Ability to handle anything. Tier 2 terror can reasonably handle every strategy the allies have. While other strategies may do it better, T2 Terror is flexible and can be applied in almost every game.
  • Tried and true. This strategy has been around longer than most of your CoH tenures. Its not a radical new strategy that hasnt been tested.
  • Amazingly strong late game. With vet3 grens and a powerful late game Tiger, if you make it to the late game, you're still in it at the very least. Once things get rolling and the Grenadiers keep multiplying, the power of the Wehrmacht really comes alive and shows what a beating they can dish out. The King Tiger is often a great finisher and can turn an even game into an overwhelming victory for you.

  • Lack of an offensive punch. This strat sometimes has a hard time assaulting fortified positions. With a lack of pumas, StuHs, Stormtroopers, or nebelwerfers, often a take and hold operation turns into a hasty retreat.
  • Artillery. If you hated artillery before, you're going to loath it now. If its 105s, off maps, 25 pounders, or strafing runs, you're going to get headaches from artillery and that damn United States of America Air Force.
  • No Fast Responders. A vast majority of your army gets around on its own two legs, so hopping from hotspot to hotspot isn't an option. If your opponent is decapping something on the other side of the map, its highly unlikely that your Grenadiers will be able to get over there in time to chase them away.