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Panzer Elite Veterancy Builds

Sunday, 30 Sep 2012
The Panzer Elite have a very unique veterancy system when compared to the other factions, that allows the player to customize what veterancy bonuses a unit receives. For the lowdown on the mechanics of how Panzer Elite veterancy works, this guide by YurtleTheTurtle will get you up to speed....
Strategy Guide

2v2 Double US Guide to Barracks and WSC

Saturday, 15 Sep 2012
The latest addition to our Strategy Specialist team, Symbiosis, has shed blood, sweat and tears writing this extensive guide (that might just be an understatement) on how to play Barracks and Weapons Support Center in 2v2. With multiple tournament victories under the writer's belt, a guide...
Gameplay Tip

CoH Myths Revealed #2

Monday, 13 Aug 2012
This tip is provided by KolarisThe Myth: Camouflaged units retreat slowerMyth Details: The myth holds that by retreating a unit directly from camo, it maintains its camouflaged speed reduction. The unit won't run back to base as quickly as if it retreated while uncloaked. Speculation: In CoH,...
Strategy Guide

The Quick Stuart

Sunday, 5 Aug 2012
The Quick Stuart strategy for British in 1v1 is one of my favorite strategies because it's all about playing British aggressively. The aim of this strategy is to grab your opponent by the throat early and suffocate them out of the game. If they manage to hold on and stay in the game, it hits...
Strategy Guide

Advanced Defensive Tactics

Saturday, 2 Jun 2012
Your favourite friendly community member on the block, LeadCuresCancer, wrote this guide on advanced defensive tactics to bolster your conviction where it is wavering and to strengthen your knowledge where it is lacking. Read here! As the guide is of considerable length, we decided to use the...
Strategy Guide

Ze Piospam Guide to 2.602

Friday, 20 Apr 2012
This guide is written by Tommy952.Welcome Kameraden, take a seat. So, you've grown weary of attempting to use ze T1 against the bren tank eh? Tiring of Grenspamming versus Staghounds with games that take up more of your time than watching a whole Jeremy Kyle? Most importantly, how would you like...
Gameplay Tip

Short Micro Tips

Saturday, 25 Feb 2012
Short Tips with ExplanationBy ArneComplex micromanagementExiting buildingsIn order to use buildings efficiently, it is important to manually select doors for exiting. As most players know you can do that this way:Select the house.Select the squad you want to exit the building.Click exit (or press...
Strategy Guide

Playing Wehrmacht RHS South Ango

Sunday, 4 Dec 2011
Wehrmacht versus Americans on South AngovilleThis guide created by SemInt.Angoville is considered a very tricky map by a lot of Wehrmacht players, and many call it US favoured. This is caused primarely by the hedgerows in the center, which quite literally split the map in half. Rifleman squads...
Strategy Guide

Scouting vs WSC in 2v2

Saturday, 26 Nov 2011
This guide written by SymbiosisWhen playing as Axis, you want to start a match as aggressive as possible, capturing and securing as much territory as possible. When playing mixed Axis (PE + Wehr) you push with panzergrenadiers supported by MG42's, while if your playing double Wehr you'll most...
Gameplay Tip

CoH Myths Revealed #1

Thursday, 7 Jul 2011
Welcome to CoH Myths Revealed, the weekly feature (we hope) where we shed some light on all the suspicious info you're likely to hear from a rank 7 in the GR chat channel. In this episode, we look at a myth that's been around for years, but tucked far away from common knowledge: gaining Command...