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Company of Heroes Gameplay Tips

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General Tip #74: Dealing with AC/Puma rush in 2v2

Tuesday, 30 Sep 2008
A farewell gift from Tamiya The Puma and PE Armored Cars are very potent Anti Infantry Killing machines that if left uncountered will devastate your infantry. In the hands of a good player who properly micros these units to kite any infantry you may ask yourself... how can I counter these units...
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Tip of the Week British #9 - Using the Captain

Sunday, 14 Sep 2008
The CaptainThe Captain is produced from the British Field Support Truck and costs 300 Manpower/35 Fuel, he's required to be made at least once in order to get the Armored Support Truck for tank production. Similar to other officers, the captain has little to no firepower at all and must depend on...
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Tip of the Week Wehrmacht #28 - Razing Sim City

Friday, 5 Sep 2008
We've all come up against Sim City at one point or another, and many of us have have wasted many frustrating hours trying to break a brick wall with rock hammer. However, there are a few things you should know when trying to burn down that British player's collection of emplacements.Spotting Sim...
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Tip of the Week General #73 - Sniper vs Sniper

Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008
The Easiest and safest solution to this situation is to just not use your sniper. If you know he is waiting to counter snipe, the manpower investments by each side will equal each other out giving no one an advantage. Sit and wait for your opponent to make the mistake then take out 340 manpower...
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Tip of the Week General #72 - Dealing with the M8/Stuart rush in 2v2:

Sunday, 17 Aug 2008
The number one priority when dealing with these light vehicles is to not get pushed off the field early. Getting pushed off will allow the Americans to cap and the Brits to entrench and build emplacements, which makes winning doubly difficult. The longer the game goes the less effective and...
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Capturing in Cover

Saturday, 9 Aug 2008
One of the most effective and safe ways to capture high fuel and munition points is to make 2-3 sandbags next to the point, get your squad in cover and then click on the point. That way all your men are in cover and that helps them take a point underfire. This is mostly effective with volks and...
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Tip of the Week General #71 - Predicting Your Opponent

Saturday, 2 Aug 2008
Predicting Your OpponentOne of the most important skills that separates the Pros from the merely very good players is their ability to predict their opponent's next move.This includes:A) Their tech decisionsB) Their method of attack.1. You must experience playing as the faction you want to...
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Tip of the Week British #8 - Tips With Trenches

Saturday, 26 Jul 2008
Tips with TrenchesTrenches are a much maligned feature of the British Commonwealth in Company of Heroes. They are invaluable to the Brit player however insufferable they can be to everyone else.The basic counters to trenches are well known... Flamethrower Pios, Flammenwerfer Halftracks, Bundled...
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Tip of the Week General #70 - Mine Sweeping

Tuesday, 22 Jul 2008
Mine Sweeping! In Opposing Fronts mines/teller mines/m8 mines are used very often in common matches. Many people do not take heed of the damage that mines can cause to infantry and vehicles. A mine can annihilate an infantry squad, kill several members or cause a massive drop in health. When a...
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Tip of the Week General #69 - Medic Buildings

Thursday, 3 Jul 2008
Medic Buildings Each Company of Heroes army has a way to heal injured soldiers or fix broken vehicles to put them back into the fight. For most armies this is achieved by making a building that will retrieve injured soldiers and carry them back to the medic building, after a certain amount of...