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Company of Heroes

40 min match vs lvl. 16

#1Iball  May 16 2011, 21:01 PM -
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iball aka kampflesbe/ wehr/ def vs. smurf lvl 16/ us/ armor

nice game on langres, with lot of vet rifles, vet snipers, pumas, shermans, m10, calliope and even 3 or more pershings.

enjoy wink.gif
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#2MMX  May 19 2011, 13:36 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
well, i'm not blaming anyone to play for wins, that's what automatch/ladder games are designed for. but tbh, a replay featuring vet3 pumas, g-wagons and defensive doc at the same time is hardly enjoyable to watch and won't bring you much symphaty either for obvious reasons.

congrats for the win, but no wub!
#3chains  May 19 2011, 15:50 PM -
Booked for casting
#4chains  May 20 2011, 14:40 PM -
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