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Aniketos & Skaffa vs Maxxed & Lionel23

#31boogie  Mar 23 2008, 07:23 AM -
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First let's start by saying that this game was a mismatch, like Stockton guarding Jordan, so anything to say about the game is irrelevant.
I strongly disagree with all op'ness from both sides, strafe should only work in box that was sent and that's it, it's power is fine. Other OP'ness is bull as every side has he's strong or weak points. It's just a question of 1's brain to see what's happening and act accordingly as fast as he can.
About spam hmm, this game like all the other I've seen from aniketos is spam of anything that he can think is a good counter to what enemy has on the field, now it sounds easy but it's not cause you have to micro shit you've spammed and that is where girls are separated from boys.
Spam is effective(as you can see from he's record) but it's certainly isn't eye candy, now if you're playing you want to be effective, if your watching you want eye candy, so I don't see the fuss about spamming, guy wants to win and he's good at spamming things that allow him to do so. But let's be frank about it majority of players spam shit why would he's spam be any different from others?
Any how not wubbing cause of mismatch, but nice counters from PE side.
#32armen  Mar 23 2008, 08:10 AM -
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to the untrained eye they seemed to be "spamming units" and "blobing" attacks.. but i could obviously see the very well coordinated team play here, and all i've got to say is WUBBED
#33KingLouis  Mar 23 2008, 09:10 AM -
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lol @ mass hate on aniketos and skaffa

Whether or not they played "abusively" is moot and stupid to debate - but you can't deny that it requires good skill and teamwork to get such a huge streak against allies in 2v2s.

Was a gg to watch - good recovery from the devastating strafes by both players, and the Bergetiger was brilliant too in resurrecting most of the dead PE armour.
#34Dontom  Mar 23 2008, 13:03 PM -
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Good game to watch, mistakes on allied side cost them the game after a strong start. GG.
#35Tiensin  Mar 23 2008, 14:04 PM -
cmon if you blob, you have to expect a strafe sooner or later(or what kind of doctrine would you choose axis fanbois? Mayb armour?). Nothin op about it(it may seem strong early/mid game, but air is fuck useless later, as the replay shows). Yet i wouldn't call what Aniketos and Skaffa did spam. PE can only make this one fighting unit in the first few mins of the game..why tech up earlier, if you need to keep your enemy off the fuel? Oh yea and don't complain Aniketos..you won man. If you post a replay when you get wtfpwnd by allied opness, then you can complain:)
Wubbed anyways for great PE teamplay.
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#36MrChairman  Mar 23 2008, 15:17 PM -
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another thing to note. allies only ended up with so much mun cos they got forced off the fuel right at the start and ended up trucking on 2x mun. probably wouldntve been as many strafes otherwise.

anyway, great game to watch. there's definitely skill on display here. seems like it couldve gone on a bit more and been a lot more interesting if allies had made some better strategical decisions.
#37BoH  Mar 24 2008, 00:05 AM -
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With the current state of the 2.3 strafing run, this statement is unfortunately not true. Not True.
#38tamiya  Mar 24 2008, 10:35 AM -
holy crap! Berge was insane that game, brought back almost every unit. gg
#39Furyn  Mar 24 2008, 22:51 PM -
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Excellent early game. This was an entertaining game for the first bit and then it became very static / boring. Strafing Runs are without a doubt a little overkill at the moment. If they could get them somewhere in between this patch and last patch life would be grand. Oh well.

No WUB from me though, as most of the game was insanely boring.
#40Karrillion  Mar 25 2008, 20:38 PM -
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Some people are confusing "blobbing" with "concentrated force".

A blob is a mass of unmicroed units, blindly rushing about enmasse and capping points as an entire blob.

Concentrated force is a mass of units coordinated in one effort, using micro to manage casualties and cover. Skaffa and Ani showed great coordination to push the mass of infantry sections and riflemen away from the fuel.

Brits made huge mistakes early, though. A single mortar would have done more at the start than riflegrens ever could. The Churchill was foolishly wasted. No AT at a VITAL point and yet he chases down PzG's? Very poor judgement. Then a huge error--Not securing the other fuel with something, anything. Instead, they choose to concentrate everything in a resource-poor area, unless all you want is munis.

Ami also made terrible decisions. After riflespam failed, he should have gone WSC, seeing as how infantry-heavy the opponent was. A mortar, a sniper, and voila, a much better outcome.

Excellent coordination on Axis side. Allies were driven into a narrow island and never let back out again.

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