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Company of Heroes

Massive Veterancy vs Smurf

#1Argentinosaurus  Apr 21 2018, 22:11 PM -

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I really enjoyed this game. My units gained so much vet during the fight. Armor vs Terror

- My Initial 4 riflemen were vet 3 (around 35 kills each squad)
- Vet 3 Sherman
- Vet 2 Pershing
- Vet 0 to vet 3 at gun after killing Kingtiger. Then he managed to get a panther aswell.
- Probably some vet in my callis too.. (didnt check the replay myself yet)

It was a nice opponent. Well played. Hope you like it
#2MoreLuckPlease  Apr 22 2018, 18:16 PM -
Replays: 174 Game:
wow, nice, kept all rifles alive and 3 of 4 vet3! biggrin.gif well as this dude said himself: going volk spam without mg and 0 veterancy hasnt really worked tongue.gif
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