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Company of Heroes

Defeat in tanks

#1\//\Death-Machine/\\/  Apr 25 2021, 17:58 PM -
Replays: 111
iAmAIIOverYou-144.Isumbarus-73.Schmerzmittel-10.Mines decided the whole game.1:25 min.I didn't see if there was MH or not.

Schmerzmittel:shoots hummel-38:20attacks calliopes.44:20 57mm.48:50 kills infantry.53:35 attacks calliopes(super).56:35 57mm.58:25 57mm.59:50 attacks calliopes(could move)01:01:18 shoots at tanks (super).01:03:40 shoots at tanks.01:07:05 attacks calliopes(super).01:07:45 attacks calliopes.01:08:25 shoots at tanks.01:11:35 57mm.01:12:35 kills infantry(super).01:13:15 kills infantry(ultra super). I only watched hummel, is this one of your legendary players ???

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