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Company of Heroes

[Ro16] [R2G1] Reborn Balboa vs Reborn

#1Budwise  Nov 21 2010, 19:11 PM -
Hell of a game on McGechs.
#2Ezio Auditore  Nov 22 2010, 22:55 PM -
One of the Best games i have watched from the Tourney i think or there is better one??!! anyhow GG
#3DaRealRocky  Nov 23 2010, 16:34 PM -
This game was intense stuff. Wp all
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#4crazybateman  Dec 2 2010, 02:33 AM -
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hilarious watching that grenadier squad hit three mines in a row at the end there above the cemetery!

axies made the mistake of not teching up sqauds with infantry weapons and opting for anti-tank rockets and poping out a few paks before there was any armour on the field at all.

from the games i've seen, not many went past the 17 minute mark. what the eventual winners tend to get right everytime is really getting their teching spot on every game, as long as that can be matched, i think seb and tomi would have had a harder time.
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