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Company of Heroes

Freestyler (Blitz) vs. D3xn (Inf) A LOT veterancy

#1Freestyler.  Feb 16 2019, 11:11 AM -
Replays: 221 Game:

- usual mimimimimimi by D3xn
- Tiger with 60 kills
- Stuh with 40 kills
- Howi vet3
- sneaky Storms vs. Howi
- 3x vet3 rifles, 1x vet2 rifles

gg definitely worth a watch
#2IKA {GEO}  Feb 16 2019, 12:34 PM -
Replays: 95
x2 sticky from vet rifles on tiger, and no eng dmg, ats miss everyshot on stuh, ap rounds give no dmg . offmap arty + howi cant kill medic bunker. after this all u talk about my mimimimimi. really horrible.
#3Gladiator7  Feb 16 2019, 15:09 PM -
Replays: 0
Contact S1imply for cry lessons. LMAO
#4Freestyler.  Feb 17 2019, 12:37 PM -
Replays: 221 Game:
Ah nice more mimimimimimi
#5MoreLuckPlease  Feb 17 2019, 15:12 PM -
Replays: 155 Game:
nice push by dexn 6-10th minute. Nice comeback biggrin.gif
#6piwawsky  Feb 18 2019, 15:16 PM -

Replays: 203 Game:
hehe I love this.
D3xn complaining and blaming you for stream-hacking, at the same time you showed him what old-school COH player can do - win games when he has almost not map control.
It wasn't even funny, at 11 mins you only had your nearby +5 fuel and +10 munis so a really nice comeback.
Makes me wonder why I never play blitz, you made such good use from all of LHS. Storms did good (killed howie, m18s, rifles with bundles,...) stuh and tiger were legendary.
No use of HRS sadly (no manpower blitz, blitzkrieg or blitz nades) but it was still a very entertaining games guys.

Keep 'em comin'! wink.gif

gg wp both, wubbed.
#7Freestyler.  Feb 19 2019, 15:12 PM -
Replays: 221 Game:
Yeah his push in the early game was good and pushed me back into my base. Well done by him. Ye RHS Blitz - i should use more^^
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